Victoria University's focus on quality education, justice, health and sustainability has been recognised with impressive rankings by Times Higher Education (THE).

THE Impact Rankings capture universities’ impact on society, based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – a framework of 17 aims for sustainable development.

Our global position of 100–201 holds two extraordinary achievements: no. 12 for Quality Education and no. 33-equal for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

We are committed to building on these achievements, by providing accessible education, improving planetary health and creating healthier, more-inclusive societies.

THE Impact Ranking logo, text 2020 Top 200

#12 globally

Quality Education, UN Goal 4, THE Impact Rankings

#33= globally

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions, UN Goal 16, THE Impact Rankings

#100-201 globally

Good Health & Well Being, UN Goal 3, THE Impact Rankings

Our approach to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

With our focus on planetary health and inclusive education, we strive to contribute to global sustainable development.

Being small and agile, we’re able to move quickly to find solutions to the complex challenges impacting the health of people and the planet on which we live – recognising that the wellbeing of each depends upon the other.

We will share our work and findings by using the global benchmarks of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that aim to deliver significant change by 2030.

We believe that:

Everything is linked. Everyone is connected.

Our global environment is facing new challenges. The changes we make now will affect the health of local communities and the entire planet for decades to come.

We need our planet to be a healthy home, so that we can lead healthy lives. To meet this goal, we need to change.

VU is building on this work by focusing on Planetary Health, an interdisciplinary global movement focused on finding the solutions to make changes for our future.

A place-based approach to planetary health aligns with VU’s established relationships across Melbourne’s west. The key industry and community organisations we work alongside help provide employment, better health outcomes and strong communities.

VU lives this identity and moral purpose with our revolutionary Block Model and support systems for students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. These contribute to making tertiary education and vocational training available to many.

Quality Education – Goal 4

We are ranked 12th in the world for the Quality Education goal, out of more than 670 institutions, thanks to our commitment to accessible, inclusive education.

VU is committed to providing quality, career-based tertiary education that is open to any student from any background and at all levels in the tertiary journey. Our multiple and flexible entry and exit points and pathways help students from all backgrounds achieve their goals.

Our unique advantage in education lies in our dual sector status, as a provider of Higher Education (university) and Vocational Education and Training (TAFE).

We also conduct outreach and engagement with schools, as part of the lifelong journey in education and learning.

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions – Goal 16

We are ranked 33rd equal globally for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (Goal 16), out of more than 450 global institutions.

Victoria University is a key contributor of economic policy research and expertise to local and regional partnerships. Our contributions aid the economic and infrastructure development of the west of Melbourne.

We have a range of institutions that provide the following to a number of government and other agencies:

  • cutting-edge and contemporary policy advice and capacity-building skills
  • outreach activities
  • education services
  • public lectures, events and conferences.

Good Health & Well-being – Goal 3

We appear in the 101-200 band for Good Health and Well Being (Goal 3) out of 620 globally ranked institutions.

Our strong focus on improving health outcomes through a holistic and preventative approach is built on decades of applied, translational research. This research involves a strong engagement with public authorities, industry and community.

VU has established a key flagship Health, Sport and Active Living. Their mission is to build healthy, active and resilient communities, reduce the burden of chronic disease, enhance health and sport industries and develop a workforce that excels in diverse environments.

We are at the forefront of economic and social development in the west of Melbourne through our courses, research capability, and community and industry engagement. The west of Melbourne is expected to accommodate more than 40% of metropolitan Melbourne’s population growth over the next forty years. It is home to people from more than 130 nations, reflecting its distinctive cultural diversity.

Partnerships for the Goals – Goal 17

We are ranked in the 101-200 band out of 806 globally ranked institutions for Partnership for the Goals (Goal 17) with a score of 71.4.

Our two flagship research institutes partner with NGOs to undertake research and engage on issues relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals:

VU has several peak policy bodies, whose purpose is to develop and shape policy which meets the diverse, distinctive and complex needs of communities, including disadvantaged ones:

The Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of this policy and strategy work. VU seeks collaborative research and project work, where appropriate, to foster knowledge synergies and diffusion and joint problem-solving capabilities.