Wurundjeri language is used to name indigenous programs at Victoria University.

Permission has been given to Moondani Balluk by Elders, to retell Kulin creation stories and to perform ceremonies on University land.

We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to apply for any of our courses, and we support them during their studies.

Student support

Moondani Balluk offer support services and information, including information on how to apply and financial assistance.

Contact us

Contact Moondani Balluk for more information about:

  • courses or units with an indigenous focus
  • enrolling in a course or unit with an indigenous focus
  • enrolling in a University course or unit under the special admission program, for recognition as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Marcus Brooke
Aboriginal Student Support Officer, Moondani Balluk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 4914