General English

Key information 

Location: City Campus
Codes: course code VNGEN | CRICOS: 059112E
Duration: 5–10 weeks per level
Levels: Elementary (Level 1), Pre-intermediate (Level 2), Intermediate (Level 3), Upper Intermediate (Level 4), Advanced (Level 5)
Fees: (Australian dollars): enrolment fee A$200 | course fees per week A$460
Entry requirement: VU English Placement Test

The General English course at VU English is for international students with beginner to intermediate levels of English. 

This course will help you develop the English language skills for:

English levels & pathways

There are six levels in VU English from elementary to advanced. Upon successful completion of a level you can:

  • advance to a course in the next level
  • specialise in an area that interests you, or
  • apply to TAFE or University.

We will assess which level is right for you through the VU English Placement Test.

On completion of General English 3 (Intermediate) you can advance to English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

All courses are 5 to 10 weeks in duration.

Level English Language Entry Level General English (GE) English For Academic Purposes (LEL) English For Academic Purposes (EAP) VU Pathways


Advanced 2
Approximate IELTS: 6.0/PTE 51-59/TOEFL IBT: 60-78
    EAP 6 Most VU courses requiring IELTS 6.5 or 7 entry (see VU website for exceptions)


Advanced 1
Approximate IELTS: 5.5/PTE 44-50/TOEFL IBT: 46-59
GE 5 IEL5 EAP 5 Courses requiring IELTS 6.0 entry
4 Upper intermediate
Approximate IELTS: 5.0/PTE 37-43/TOEFL IBT: 35-45
GE 4


  EAP 4


Courses requiring IELTS 5.5 entry




Approximate IELTS: 4.5/PTE 30-36/TOEFL IBT: 32-34
GE 3




Approximate IELTS: 4.0/TOEFL IBT: 20-31
GE 2      


Approximate IELTS: 3.5/TOEFL IBT: 0-19
GE 1



Benefits of studying General English

  • Rapid progress in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Written progress report every 5 weeks.
  • Take part in various programs and clubs.
  • Use VU English textbooks and materials.
  • Receive a university certificate when you graduate.

Course dates

We offer intakes throughout the year.


You will study a range of subjects, including:

  • accommodation
  • education
  • festivals and cultural celebrations
  • food and cooking
  • health and wellbeing
  • living in Melbourne
  • travel and transportation.

Learning activities in class

During your classes you will participate in:

  • class discussions and role plays
  • presentations and debates
  • essay and report writing
  • videos and audio learning
  • workshops and tutorials
  • quizzes and tests
  • journal/diary writing
  • computer assisted learning

The average class size is 15 students (maximum of 18 students). Our students study 20 hours a week, 4 hours per day. There are usually 2 hours of morning classes and two hours of afternoon classes. On most days, additional support classes are provided during lunch breaks.