Course guides

The best way to find up-to-date information about courses and units that you can apply for is through our course finder search.

This page, and the links on it, identify print publications (in PDF format) that you can use to look up current and past course details.

2017 course guides

Our Victoria University (VU) Course Guides offer a quick overview of courses offered by the University to domestic and international students in 2017.

These include further and vocational education (TAFE) courses, and higher education undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Download the Guides:

Thumbnail previews of 2017 course guides

The Guides also include details on:

  • how to apply for courses
  • student services and assistance
  • facilities and campuses.

These course guides were published in April 2016 for people selecting courses to study in 2017.

Please note that the course information printed in the course guide may not remain up-to-date throughout the year. Please check our course finder for the most recent information.

International course guides

Discipline guides

Our Discipline Guides for 2017 offer a broad overview of the course areas in each of VU’s Colleges, so you can make an informed decision when choosing your studies for 2017.

Discipline Guides for study in 2017 are available in the following areas:

Student handbooks

Student handbooks are another type of print publication, in this case one is produced for each college. The Student Handbooks are produced for Government compliance purposes in the year preceding print: some of the information may have changed slightly since printing.

On the handbooks page you can also find an archive of previous years student handbooks to lookup a course you may have studied that we no longer offer.

Course delivery plans

Some colleges have also produced detailed course delivery plans in PDF versions which you may need at your enrolment session. The course delivery plans outline the course structure and show the correct number and type of units for course completion, especially important for courses with electives and specialisations.