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In 'Publications':

Strategic documents

Download our key strategic documents:

  • The VU Way: our bold plan to apply the revolutionary Block Mode across all higher education and VU Polytechnic courses by 2022
  • Strategic Plan 2016–2020, The University of Opportunity & Success
  • White Paper (released November 2017), which joins all the elements of the university’s significant transformational agenda.

Guide to university for Year 10 & 11 students

Our Guide to University for Year 10 and 11 students offers a quick overview to studying at Victoria University and information on choosing courses, entry options and support services available.

VU News for schools

VU News for schools is a monthly eNewsletter to schools which highlights course information, key dates and all the latest news from VU.

Research news & publications

Research news and publications include:

Your VU Alumni newsletter

A newsletter and events bulletin for our alumni community.

View and subscribe to Your VU newsletter and events bulletin to find out about our latest alumni achievements and events.

For information or to submit an article contact Eko Hermawan at +61 3 9919 5020 or email eko.hermawan@vu.edu.au.

Cowen Centre News

Read and subscribe to the Cowen Centre News to keep up-to-date with Sir Zelman Cowen Centre and the Courts & Tribunals Academy activities.

MyVU - Your guide to studying with us

Our MyVU - Guide for studying with us contains useful information for you on many aspects of studying at VU. Topics include key dates and activities for student administration, support networks available to you as a student, and how to enjoy your time with us while you study.

You can print the MYVU Student Journey for a quick snapshot of your time at VU.

Student run publications

Students from various parts of the University are involved in coordinating, producing and publishing in various format several publications, such as:

  • Offset creative arts journal
  • Platform
  • Hyde Magazine
  • Law & Justice journal.

Find out more about our student publications.