Our research focus

In the Victoria University Business School, our goal is to make change through practical and applied outcomes that can be used by business, industry and the community.

With a focus on industry engagement and applied and translational research, we provide quality research training and undertake specialised research across many disciplines.

Areas of research

The Victoria University Business School focuses its research on the following industries:

  • financial services
  • supply chain and logistics
  • tourism and events.

Our research in these industries makes use of our expertise in the fields of:

  • applied economics and econometrics
  • accounting and finance
  • management
  • marketing
  • tourism
  • information systems.

Research centres & institutes

Research students

We offer the Masters of Business (Research), Doctor of Philosophy for students wishing to complete a research degree and the industry oriented Doctor of Business Administration for those with executive level experience. Our research students are supported by excellent facilities and infrastructure (CAPA 5 star rating). In 2016, VU introduced the PhD (Integrated) which has proven to be a popular for those wishing to pursue a research degree but have not previously undertaken research training.

We provide a range of postgraduate and research scholarships which are available for domestic and international students undertaking a higher degree by research.

For further information about becoming a research student or guidance about possible project areas and supervisors, please contact the Graduate Research Centre.

Email: apply.research@vu.edu.au
Phone: +61 3 9919 4522

Our researchers

Researchers in the Victoria University Business School work collaboratively and with colleagues from other Colleges and Universities.

Some examples of these projects include:

  • An examination of accounting education in Australia including learning approaches, graduate outcomes, generic skills, international students and perceptions of the profession.
  • An exploration of the role of social networks in the supply of health care and legal services to vulnerable people.
  • The role of new and mobile technologies in China and Australia to support sustainable tourism.
  • The measurement of corporate governance in the banking sector.

Our researchers on The Conversation website

Our researchers are regular contributors to The Conversation, an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.

View what some of our staff have been saying on The Conversation.


Information systems


Supply chain & logistics

Tourism & events

Dr Colin Drake

Research projects in the Victoria University Business School

Here are some of our research projects that staff have undertaken.

Building business literacy & entrepreneurship skills

The project team for 'Building Business Literacy and Entrepreneurship Skills among Small Business Operators from Africa.

Dr Rafael Paguio led a team of colleagues to secure funding from The Ian Potter Foundation for the project 'Building Business Literacy and Entrepreneurship Skills among Small Business Operators from Africa'. The project team is composed of:

  • Dr Rafael Paguio
  • Associate Professor Stephen Burgess
  • Dr Charles Mphande (College of Arts).

The project will develop a tailored learning program to build competitive capabilities among small business participants. The Footscray-based African Australian Small Business Association (AASBA) has committed their full support to the initiative. The association will help recruit participants and collaborate to identify effective learning approaches that are culturally and pedagogically appropriate.

VU students of African background will act as Project Liaison Officers providing support to learning activities and encouraging knowledge adoption. The experience will offer students opportunities for skills development and confidence building thus enhancing their graduate employability.

The Fluker Post Research Project

Fluker Posts are tracking the long-term environmental changes in some of our most treasured tourist sites. Aimed at targeting areas in need of significant monitoring, creator Dr Martin Fluker has designed the Fluker Post Project to encourage the community to take ownership of parks and wetlands by playing an active role in their maintenance.

Tourism destination and the green economy

Professor Terry deLacy is leading a research group focused on the transformation of tourism destinations into the emerging green economy. The project aims for a green growth framework for destinations to develop tourism while decoupling growth arising from its environmental impact.