The School for Transport Systems and Civic Infrastructure is a cross-university school, uniting teaching and learning, research and innovation under one banner. 

We build on and sustain Australia’s capabilities in transport systems and civic infrastructure.

Our goal is to help the workforce to innovate in the transport space. Working with transport organisations and their communities, we find ways to respond to social, technical and environmental changes.

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About us

We offer courses and conduct research in transport systems and civic infrastructure, including:

  • public and private transport
  • construction, power and energy
  • water and communications.

The School aims to provide a shared understanding of:

  • what the future workforce will be
  • required capabilities in the sector
  • types of training required – now and into the future
  • how transport system and infrastructure needs can be met in a cohesive and sustainable manner.

Industry partners

If you would like to collaborate with the School for Transport Systems and Civic Infrastructure in our areas of expertise, please get in contact via the form, below.

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Career opportunities

Our graduates will be prepared for a range of in-demand careers. Career opportunities are diverse due the complex interacting roles in the sector. The skills acquired in study for the industry are highly transferable.


Managing and maintenance: electricians, engineers, project managers, road & track workers


Civil, mechanical, electrical, communications, software

Asset management

Freight & logistics, supply-chain management, engineering infrastructure management


Driver, network controller, signaller, shunter, maintenance

Customer service

Call centre operator, marketing & communications, public relations

Corporate speciality

Banking & finance, management, trade, law, urban planning, procurement

The school delivers industry-based programs across all qualification levels, from pre-vocational certificates through to PhDs.

Studying with us leads to diverse opportunities, due to the industry's complex interacting roles, as shown above. We offer a range of courses that can lead to employment in the sector, from hands-on trades to in-depth research.

The skills you will learn at VU are highly transferable, and also in-demand due to the massive infrastructure programs planned locally and internationally.

If you're interested in learning more about the School for Transport Systems and Civic Infrastructure courses, please contact us via the form below.



The School for Transport Systems and Civic Infrastructure undertakes applied and translational research to:

  • build and sustain Australia’s transport system and city infrastructure capabilities
  • create economic growth
  • meet the demands of our urban and peri-urban growth in the West of Melbourne and beyond.

We do this in collaboration with industry and the community with the aim to address major challenges in three primary areas:

  • Digital: Embracing cyber physical systems (digitisation) and confronting the emergence of Industry 4.0. Revitalising local business, supporting new sectors of the economy, and transforming our industries to create new jobs.
  • Energy: Future energy sources for propulsion systems. Unlocking the latent potential of our integrated networks across energy, water, transportation, health, housing and education.
  • Infrastructure: Providing leadership in integrated planning & reporting. Fostering inclusive, equitable, prosperous communities that address challenges posed by climate change, emerging technology, urban growth and social change.

Board & directors

Industry Advisory Board

The School for Transport Systems and Civic Infrastructure is actively seeking contributions from individuals representing business relevant to the sector.

Members of the Industry Advisory Board will engage with key stakeholder within Victoria University as well as externally with government and the private sector to help influence and shape directions and activities.


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