Our research focus

Our research groups, Centres and Institute undertake research in engineering, science and information technology with a focus on producing world-class research and development outcomes.

Conducted in collaboration with industry and community, we apply our research to improve the built environment and the sustainability of the world’s resources, without compromising the natural environment.

Innovative and future-focused, our research covers alternative energy, applied informatics and mathematics, biotechnology, chemical and analytical science, fire safety and risk engineering, sustainable building, water resources and more.

We provide support services, programs and infrastructure that allow our researchers to maximise outcomes.

Excellence in research

Our College has a dynamic research culture that is internationally recognised. In the 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings, we achieved outcomes of:

  • well above world standard (rating 5) in electrical and electronic engineering (including research into control systems and signal and image processing)
  • above world standard (rating 4) in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering.
  • at world standard (rating 3) in artificial intelligence & image processing, distributed computing and information systems.

Institute, Centres & Research groups

Centre for Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering (CESARE)

The staff in our Institute, Centres & Research groups undertake engineering and science research, with a focus on producing world-class research and development outcomes.

The Institute and Centres associated with our college are:

The research groups within our college focus on engineering, science and information technology. Our research groups are:

Engineered Packaging and Distribution research group

Yanchun Zhang

Professor Yanchun Zhang, Centre for Applied Informatics Director

Contact us

For information on how to apply for a research degree program, and postgraduate supervision email Elizabeth Smith on elizabeth.smith@vu.edu.au.

For information about research collaborations, partnerships and projects email research.coes@vu.edu.au.