The College of Sport & Exercise Science's $68 million high-technology teaching and research facility at Footscray Park. The facility is designed with multiple integrated spaces to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching, research, and engagement in the key areas of sport and exercise science.

Our 29 new labs are fitted with the latest technology and equipment. They support world-renowned research undertaken by the Institute for Health & Sport, and are used by professional sports team and community organisations.

Check out our sport & exercise science facilities in this 360° tour.

Laboratory facilities

Our Exercise physiology labs are used to study human exercise performance and physiology in sport, exercise and health.

A range of labs in this area include:

  • human performance lab
  • muscle strength and power lab
  • environmental exercise lab
  • heat chamber
  • body composition lab
  • invasive exercise lab
  • Altitude Hotel
  • blood biochemistry lab
  • exercise physiology teaching lab.

The University's biomechanics labs are designed to perform technique analysis and understand the mechanical factors that affect human movement in sport, in the elderly and in disease.

The Motor learning & skilled performance labs are  used to study the acquisition, performance and perceptual-cognitive aspects of movement and related skills.

This lab is typically used for:

  • skills acquisition
  • skills expertise development
  • visual perception.

It's been used for the relationship between perception and putting action in golfers, as well as fundamental motor and visual skills of AFL footballers.

Features of the lab include:

  • 3D video
  • motion capture
  • eye capture
  • timing gates
  • pressure mats.


Recreational sport & fitness facilities

We have fitness centres on many of our campuses.

The biggest and most impressive fitness centre is at Footscray Park, which has three-levels. The centre includes swimming, sport and teaching facilities. It has a 25 metre x 25 metre heated pool, a fully equipped gym with cardiovascular equipment and multi-purpose aerobics and martial arts rooms.

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