Our research institute Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC) undertakes research in engineering, science and information technology with a focus on producing world-class research and development outcomes.

Conducted in collaboration with industry and community, we apply our research to improve the built environment and the sustainability of the world’s resources, without compromising the natural environment.

Innovative and future-focused, our research covers alternative energy, applied informatics and mathematics, biotechnology, chemical and analytical science, fire safety and risk engineering, sustainable building, water resources and more.

We provide support services, programs and infrastructure that allow our researchers to maximise outcomes.

Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities

The Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC) aims to create resilient built environments, globally competitive industries and socially inclusive communities.

Staff within the institute undertake engineering and science research, with a focus on producing world-class research and development outcomes.

The work of ISILC incorporates and builds on the research undertaken at VU prior to 2018 in several research institutes and centres, as well as within our Colleges (including Engineering and Science).

These include:

  • Institute for Sustainability & Innovation (ISI) – Industry and community solutions in water treatment technology, resource management, asset management, social and behavioural research, environment, e-research, smart energy, alternative energy and packaging.
  • Centre for Applied Informatics (CAI) – Applied informatics research that engages computer scientists, experts from application domains (including health, community, business and environments), industry and government partners to develop innovative information technology applications that benefit society.

Research areas within ISILC:

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For information on how to apply for a research degree program, and postgraduate supervision email Elizabeth Smith on [email protected].

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