Why your redundancy isn't the end of the world

Whether it’s a professional nightmare or your dream come true, there’s no denying a job redundancy is an emotionally charged experience.

While rationally you know it’s not your fault, when the moment to pack up your desk arrives, you might feel a little apprehensive. If that’s you, here are four great ways to find the silver lining.

1. Feel the relief – it’s the out you needed

As daunting as it can be, you might have already thought about leaving. So now that the decision has been made for you, you can begin to move forward.

Secondary school teacher Saskia says:

“I’d been working in the design industry for 17 years and at the same agency for seven. I’d lost my spark a year before I got the ‘tap on the shoulder’. Looking back I’d been too scared to take the leap but my whole life I’d pictured myself as a teacher, so the timing was perfect to go for it.”

2. Coming to terms – it’s not personal

Even if it was a long time coming, to see it in black and white can be a tough pill to swallow. The feeling of rejection is a natural human reaction you are totally justified in experiencing. But remember, this is not a reflection of you or your work. It’s your position in your organisation that’s redundant – not you.

Business operations manager Nathan’s job became redundant when his company’s local headquarters closed.

“I had to support more than 20 staff members through it with me. I thought I was okay until I had to tell them. There were tears, including my own. But I had to keep telling myself what I told them; this isn’t about you – you’re great at your job and this decision isn’t personal – it’s purely financial.”

3. Listen up – is that opportunity knocking?

It’s a great time to really take stock of what’s going on around you – in life and in your career.

Marketing consultant Yolanda says:

“When I heard there was a restructure coming at work it made me start to wonder what would really make me happy. I used some of the money to study my MBA part time and started my own consultancy. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for me and my family.”

4. Make a splash with that cash

Big or small holiday, staycation, investment, charity donation or further studies – all are beneficial ways to improve your life, and potentially enhance your career.

Social worker Meaghan’s redundancy payout ended up being truly life changing:

“That money came at the perfect time and made a huge difference in my life. I chose to take three months off and put a big chunk of it on my first house deposit.”

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