If, like most of the world, you’re working from home right now – sorry. We’re about to take away all your excuses for being less productive while working remotely!

Maintain your commitment to meetings, seamlessly share your work, stay on top of your to-do lists and more with these essential free tools for a fruitful home office.

Set up your most productive home office ever.

1. Fast & free file sharing

It can be easy to feel like you’re off the hook for presenting that gargantuan report when no one’s there to notice you’ve been watching surfing dogs on YouTube for three hours.

But here’s the bad news – there are many free and easy ways to share your completed work with your colleagues and superiors so you’d better get cracking.

Some of the great options include:

  • Google Drive (free cloud storage for personal accounts)
  • Dropbox (basic accounts up to 2GB of storage are free)
  • OneDrive (basic accounts for up to 5GB of storage are free).

Sorry, that big report still needs to be done.

2. Show up to meetings from anywhere

Well, that plan to abandon your make-up/moustache styling and regular hair washing, as well as swap your Monday-Friday outfits for pyjamas are now off-the-cards.

You can now download a free personal plan of Cisco’s Webex video meeting platform and still maintain all your appointments. In fact, you can hold video conferences with up to 100 participants.

Time to get out of your onesie and into your business-wear!

Time to get out of bed and log on to your meeting!

3. Free global chats & calls

If you were hoping to claim your mobile phone was broken and you couldn’t be contacted, that idea is down the drain.


Because everyone knows that you can download Skype for free and make free calls anywhere in the world!

Make and take calls anywhere.

4. Tear through your to-do list

Just because you can’t see your office white board, does not mean that all those tasks have miraculously disappeared. In fact, they are still just as urgent as ever.

But, luckily for you, there are some great, free tech tools to help you organise your to-do lists and keep on trucking. Try Trello’s free personal accounts which offer unlimited lists. Excuses gone.

Get your to-do lists organised online.

5. Keep up on the office goss

It’s probably fair to say that the one thing you are genuinely missing from your days in the office is the constant discussion of the latest office scandals with your pod buddies.

But don’t worry – you can make sure you stay on top of all the latest by setting up a WhatsApp or Facebook chat group for you and your colleagues to continue the regular off-topic office chats.

Just don’t forget – there are no more excuses for being unproductive!

Don't miss out on the latest scandal.