In 2021, we are living more digitally-based lives than ever before. According to a recent ACMA report on the digital lives of Australians, young Aussies use an average of 5.2 apps to navigate their world and relationships, go online from 5 or more different types of devices, use social media 85% of the time and 60% feel that technology gives them more control over their lives.

So when it comes to education, what have been the winners for students?

Our lives are based online more than ever before.

1. An app that can do everything

When we can do virtually everything on an app, from meeting new people to watching movies, ordering dinner, paying bills and shopping up a storm – why shouldn’t you be able to use an app to stay on track with uni too? University apps can go from the basic campus info and maps, right through to helping you find a delicious free dinner. And yep, we’re talking about the VU App with that one. On the VU App, you can:

  • do your course readings on the go
  • view your current and past unit content, assessments and results, keep track of upcoming assignments, classes and view your timetable
  • see your student details including fee invoices, enrolment, results and examination information
  • access your Learning Hub account to add, book and validate progress in Essential Activities, our range of skill development and career readiness programs
  • explore VU campuses with interactive maps and access your digital ID student card
  • browse student facilities including IT services and Student Life activities
  • stay up-to-date with personalised notifications.

Plus, through our partnership with SecondBite (one of Australia's largest food rescue organisations), students can now register via the VU App to collect free, healthy frozen meals from campus on a weekly basis! Yum.

You can even find a free dinner on the VU App.

2. Control over when, how, where you study

In 2020-21, this is the big one. For many students, lecture theatres, computer labs, libraries and classrooms feel like a distant memory with education happening on a remote basis for much of the past two years. While that’s been challenging for some fields of education, and for those who prefer hands-on learning and in-person support, many students have also come to love the flexibility of being able to complete their degree wherever they may be and in their own time, from their own device.

While we hope to return to ‘normal’ campus operations and on-site learning in the near future, why not retain the few positive aspects of lockdown life? The ability to study anywhere, anytime and on any device will continue to be available to VU students through the introduction of BYOD (bring your own device) capability to support a new learning and teaching experience across our campuses, beginning with the VU City Tower, followed by other VU locations. For students, this new BYOD solution will mean having course-related applications available any place, any time and on any VU or personal device with internet connection.

Study any place, anytime, any device.

3. Staying connected even when apart

While there are benefits to learning remotely, not feeling connected to a physical location can also be isolating at times. Casual coffee meet-ups, lunch-time gym sessions with friends or a walk in the park between classes are less likely to occur spontaneously and forging friendships as a first-year could be challenging.

But just as video chats and social media have seen many friendships thrive through lockdowns, these platforms can also help you stay connected to your University as a student and potentially find new friends and opportunities.

You can stay up-to-date with on-campus or virtual student events via the VU App, or the new online VU Student Calendar accessible from your phone or computer, via MYVU.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to find more opportunities to network and socialise by following VU on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and VU Student Life.

Stay connected wherever you find yourself learning.

Want to study at VU and enjoy the convenience of leading education technology?