Time for a career change? Further study might be your next step

A little niggle in the back of your mind. A strong pull towards another industry. Or straight-up misery. There are many reasons to leave a job behind. If you’re seeing any of the following five signs, it could be time to think about moving up, moving on, or undertaking further study at VU.

Five signs it's time for change

1. You’re yearning to try something new

This is a great reason to leave!

If you fell into your current job or career, or it developed organically over time, it might be time to stop and ‘reset’. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a teacher, a writer, or a lawyer, or you’re passionate about helping people. Think about chatting to a career counsellor.

For inspiration, and a little advice on the study needed to launch a new career, try VU's services:

2. You’re only staying out of loyalty

Jobs are like relationships — when they’re good, they can fill you with purpose and pride. When they’re bad, you can feel under-valued.

If the only reason you're staying in a job is because you feel loyal to the organisation or colleagues — don’t! Those same colleagues you’ve forged a bond with will never begrudge your happiness or a chance to improve your professional situation.

3. You have nothing left to give, and they have nothing more to offer

Working life is not just about what you can ‘provide’ as service to your employer in return for a wage. It is also making a valued contribution; and what you can get in return.

We’re not just talking remuneration (although that is important). Ask yourself:

  • Are there opportunities for me to progress in my career here?
  • Does my employer offer professional development or mentoring that can enhance my skills and knowledge?
  • Does my job fill me with satisfaction, or make me feel like an important part of a team?

4. Horrible bosses, horrible colleagues

You can get along with everyone in the workplace and have functional and respectful relationships with personalities you may not typically be drawn to — that’s the beauty of diversity. However, if you simply cannot see eye-to-eye with your manager or a colleague, that can be very difficult to get past. If nothing is working, it could be time to move on.

If you are feeling unsafe physically, emotionally or mentally, seek help and get out, now. Your work may provide free counselling, referrals, or a union that can help; use them, that’s what they’re there for – or talk to a counsellor, a doctor or a friend.

5. A leadership vacuum

Do you feel like your ideas and decisions aren't trusted, without reason or negative performance review? You might be working in a leadership vacuum. These can appear when there are simply not enough people to do the required work, and things spiral out of control.

Regardless of how you feel about Deepak Chopra, many of us can relate to his take on this phenomenon:

“When a leadership vacuum appears, there’s stress. Chaos threatens to erupt…A person who knows what a group actually needs – whether a family, business, team, or political party – must be more aware than those in need. If they had enough awareness on their own, the leadership vacuum wouldn’t persist.”

Want to find out more?

If any of these five signs ring true, it might be time to consider a career change. Further study at VU is a great place to start.

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