This single word can lead to your dream job – straight after uni!

You may think it’s unrealistic to expect to work in your dream job right after uni. Well, think again – as graduate Jeehoon Choi discovered, early career success can begin with a single word.

The Screen Media alumnus recently started working at SBS in Sydney as a social media videographer – a role he describes as "the best thing that can happen to a media graduate".

He shares how saying 'Yes!' to every opportunity during his studies was the key to his success.

"VU truly is a university of opportunity. It’s up to you how you make the most of it."

How can you find success like Jee?

Be brave – make your move

Jeehoon moved around the world – and around the country – but you don’t have to go that far to grab opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone.

“I took the leap from the other side of the world – starting as an exchange student from South Korea in 2015.

"After I finished my studies at VU in Melbourne, I chased my dream job at SBS in Sydney. I feel lucky to have lived in two of the best cities in the world. I like the beautiful weather and beaches in Sydney, while I miss really good, cheap Vietnamese food from Footscray – and my friends at VU!”

Earn while you learn

Get experience in the workplace any way you can, and your résumé will open doors. VU’s focus on practical learning gives you the industry edge. Jeehoon signed up for the Students as Staff program that gave him not only flexible, paid work in his field, but also helped him really pimp his CV.

“Students as Staff is the greatest, and everyone needs to go for it! It provided me with professional experiences in film and photography roles in different departments of VU, networking opportunities and confidence while I earned money. It played a huge role in helping me get jobs.

"I also interned at a video production company, where I put my editing and videography skills into practice.”

Get involved

Joining campus clubs and student groups isn’t just about the good times – they can get you experience as a volunteer and help build your portfolio and networks too.

“I enjoyed being involved in lots of groups such as the International Students Association, Media Club, VUSU and Offset creative arts journal.

"I was able to put theories into action and get experiences as a media expert. Those activities led to bigger projects and I felt like I was achieving and growing every day.”

Accept all the help

Free expert career and study advice and assistance is always at hand. From interview skills, résumé writing and job hunting, VU’s Learning Hub offers all this and much more.

While Jeehoon used the career department to help with job-hunting and resume-enhancing, he also took a leadership course aimed at Preventing Violence Against Women in the CALD (Culturally & Linguistically Diverse) Community, organised by VU’s Respect and Responsibility group. It made a good impression on his future employers at SBS.

“All the opportunities that the University provides are too valuable to pass up. My advice is just say ‘Yes!’ to everything and see what happens! I was constantly amazed at opportunities came to me like that.”

Find your crew

Jeehoon knows it’s crucial to find support networks and surround yourself with positive influences. So in addition to your friends and family, joining social and academic clubs like VU Pride and cultural groups that interest you, will help you stay focused and stay positive.

“I deal with everyday racism, unconscious bias and discrimination against the LGBTIQ community – issues that are still persistent in Australia. Lack of diversity in media is another challenge I face in my career and am keen to tackle.”

Love your work, love your life

Find a career you’re passionate about, and you’ll never 'work' a day in your life! Jeehoon’s love of life on Sydney’s north shore is owed in large part to his awesome job.

“I’m loving my work and I’m so committed to it. I’m looking forward to making it further within SBS, making change in the organisation and society at large.

"When our videos go out on social media, public reaction is immediate so you can really see how people engage with us. When videos go viral, I'm ecstatic!

"I constantly feel like I'm appreciated and doing something that matters every day, which really motivates me."

Are you ready to make a move?