We know that with further studies you can expect to advance your career prospects and salary expectations, as well as job satisfaction and confidence. In fact, Australians with a postgraduate degree are earning 25% more than their undergrad-qualified counterparts (2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey).

At VU, we offer one postgrad qualification that’s so flexible it can either enhance your résumé in its own right, or be a stepping stone to your masters. It’s the graduate certificate – and you don’t even need a uni degree to start.

Read on to learn how others are using this six-month course to excel, lead, learn, and progress.

How to get your masters without a degree

If you have five years’ industry experience under your belt, you can apply for a graduate certificate in the same or similar field. (The 'admission requirements' section of each course page provides the details.)

Despite having never completed a uni degree, Michelle Lucia’s professional experience enabled her to enrol in the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, and then progress with the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

“I was lucky to have worked in the industry I love for more than 15 years. When the time was right to further my education, not having a university degree was no barrier, as my experience was recognised in my application.

I completed the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, and pathwayed into the MBA. The pathway also warmed me up to formal learning.”

Michelle Lucia studied Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and pathwayed into the Master of Business.

Financial subsidies only available in 2021

Ordinarily, postgraduate study fees are charged in full, without access to government loan schemes. For 2021 only, many of VU’s graduate certificates offer significant savings, with government subsidies for eligible students. Some undergraduate certificates are also subsidised for eligible students.

These subsidies are the Federal Government’s response to people looking to upskill or retrain in 2021 following the COVID-19 crisis. Download the 2021 HE short courses course tuition fee rates (PDF, 237 KB) (amounts are indicative and vary depending on units).

Loans are also available, so you can study now and pay later. Eligible students may be able to get help paying their student contribution through the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). Learn more about course tuition fees.

Short-term commitment, long-term gain

In just six months (full time) and four units, you will gain a qualification that will enhance your résumé or set you on a higher study pathways.

Brian Lau valued the importance of upskilling when he decided to study the six-month Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security. It's giving him a great advantage in his career.

“I decided that some formal training could future proof my career. I chose cyber security because data protection is a large part of my current role and would be transferable to all organisations.

I believe my training in cyber security gives me an edge as there are so few policy professionals with a training in network security.”

Brian Lau's Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security is giving him the edge in his career.

Supportive learning environment

Tina Beltramin returned to study the Graduate Certificate in Management years after her previous experience in the tertiary education sector. At the time she had a well-established career and family to juggle. She says:

"I found VU very supportive of mature-aged students like me who were combining work, family and study. There was respect for the fact that students had worked in the sector for many years and it was acknowledged that everybody had something to offer to the learning process.”

Tina Beltram felt supported while gaining her Graduate Certificate in Management at VU.

VU Block Model geared toward success

All VU courses are now taught under the award-winning VU Block Model. With the Block Model you study fewer units at once (usually one, but sometimes two units full time, depending on the course) making it easier to focus. Another unique element of the Block Model is the smaller, workshop-style classes that allow you more time with your teachers and opportunities to connect with classmates and industry partners.

Nick Gibbs studied the unique Graduate Certificate in Planetary Health. He says:

“The VU Block Model allows you to focus on one subject at a time. Not having to manage multiple assignments at once is a blessing. It wasn’t too demanding to manage alongside my work, and the online delivery mode was flexible.

I enjoyed the class engagement and debate, which you don’t always get from online courses. The diversity of speakers and teachers made for many thought-provoking discussions.”

Nick Gibbs found the Block Model helped him stay balanced while studying the Graduate Certificate in Planetary Health.

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