Deepika Nagpal is super-charging her future thanks to the innovative Master of Engineering at Victoria University.

While already excelling in her career in R&D in electrical equipment and product testing in India, Deepika was ready to enhance her skills and knowledge, and add to that adventure a journey to Australia.

Deepika shares her experiences, and the impacts her studies have already had on her career.

 Deepika Nagpal, Master of Engineering graduate

Deepika's story: Mastering her engineering career

Why did you decide to do your Masters in Engineering – & why VU?

I wanted to enhance my knowledge in electrical engineering, while experiencing a different culture and way of life in Australia.

When browsing university websites, I discovered Victoria University is a globally recognised institution, ranking in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

VU provided support programs for local and international students, including study assistance, English courses and career development. The fee structure was affordable too, which important.

What are some of the unique features of the course?

The course is a complete package; it includes both core electrical engineering and project management subjects so I could develop technical skills in both areas.

Another unique feature: Professor Akhtar Kalam! He is not only a teacher but a mentor, and shared knowledge of upgrading electricity grids to 21st century standards, environmental sustainability, overhead design and construction.

How is this course more future-focused?

The course focuses on renewable energy and sustainable energy sources. We learned about new green technologies in our power generation unit.

Professor Kalam supported me to take up my research project on using off-grid renewable energy systems to generate electricity.

It was great to use VU’s off-grid system facilities to conduct our experiments. Our project - hybrid solar-wind power generating system, had applications for both industry and domestic.

Does the course prepare you for the real world?

Yes - the course has a strong emphasis on real-world problem solving and prepared me for fast-growing industries and international trends.

We regularly performed experiments in workshops to gain a practical understanding of the theories. We got to demonstrate our understanding of wiring, testing and dismantling of high voltage equipment using occupational health and safety (OHS) guidelines.

What benefits have you already experienced from your studies?

I was immediately able to implement project management strategies that meet stakeholder needs and expectations during my internship at Dara Switchboards. The course highlighted the links between engineering and innovation that I could apply to my role.

I’ve developed critical reasoning and analytical skills which have helped me in understanding the problems in my engineering roles and providing solutions.

I’m now working as solutions procurement specialist with Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd where I provide technical solutions to internal and external stakeholders and customers.”

Find out more about VU’s Master of Engineering

VU’s Master of Engineering has three specialisations:

  • Civil Engineering offers in-demand technical skills for a range of careers in infrastructure design and improvement in a booming construction industry.
  • Electrical Power comprises coursework, design projects and research, with a particular focus on contemporary 'Smart' electricity systems.
  • Telecommunication offers coursework, design exercises and research, providing advanced understanding of connecting mobile broadband and fibre to premises - the current growth drivers of the industry.

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