While we may prefer to forget parts of 2020, there were some real positives to come out of it, including a collective priority to focus on what’s important.

Whether we put that focus into a personal passion, developing ourselves or discovering a new career, we know that further study is one of the best ways to achieve these goals.

This year VU is making it all a bit easier, with a range of subsidised higher education (HE) short courses.

As a taster, a pathway with credit towards further studies, or a stand-alone qualification – these courses are the perfect way to upskill, reskill or reinvent yourself.


Why study in 2021?

1. Government subsidies only in 2021!

As part of the Federal Government’s commitment to boosting jobs of the future and helping Australians impacted by COVID-19, selected courses in 2021 are now subsidised and HECS-HELP loans are also available for remaining fees.

If you decide to continue your studies with a graduate diploma or masters, this year you will get a 10% discount on tuition fees as a VU alumnus (see conditions).

2. One semester: a bite-sized commitment

The HE short courses will be offered over three or four units via VU’s award-winning Block Model (see point 6).

This smaller commitment means you’re either all finished after six months when you graduate, or you can use your course credits to pathway into higher studies.

3. Expand your skills; grow your potential

These courses are recognised award certificates, so you can use them to enhance your CV, or as a stepping stone (pathway) with full credit into either a masters (via the graduate certificates) or bachelor degree (via the undergraduate certificates).

We offer 36 future-focused HE short courses in the following study areas:

  • Arts (planetary health)
  • Business (entrepreneurial mindset, business analytics, ERP, transport systems)
  • Computers & IT (digital business, IT, web development, AI, cyber security, project management)
  • Education (early childhood, primary, secondary, P-12, STEM, PE, leadership)
  • Engineering & science (architecture, construction management, engineering, science and environment, building surveying, power engineering)
  • Health & biomedicine (diet and health, health science, interpersonal and organisational skills, laser safety, psychology)
  • Sport & exercise science (sport science, exercise science, data analytics)
  • Research skills.

4. Blended delivery mode saves time & travel

Most units are taught online, with some classes held on campus. This combination of online and face-to-face, hands-on learning is called 'blended delivery'. All classes (including online) are held at set times.

Online and remote learning is a great way to achieve balance in life with your studies, work and family commitments.

5. Plan your year: optional start dates

While you must complete your HE short course before the end of 2021 to get the full financial benefits, there are several options for when you can begin:

  • February, May or July for most undergraduate certificates
  • February or July for most graduate certificates.

6. Award-winning VU Block Model

With the VU Block Model, you study one unit at a time for four weeks (or two units at a time for eight weeks, depending on the course). So, rather than juggling four units, you focus on one (or two) at a time. See your course for its Block Model study load (part-time) options.

All VU courses are now delivered via the Block Model, following its overwhelming success with grades and student satisfaction since launching in 2018. It’s no surprise VU students are the most engaged in Victoria (Good Universities Guide 2020).

No degree, no worries, says Michelle Lucia. “Not having a university degree was no barrier, as my work experience was recognised in my admission for the graduate certificate. This enabled me to progress into my masters.”

Find out more or apply today

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