While universities, and their students around the world scrambled to adjust to online learning from home, Victoria University had a secret weapon: the VU Block Model.

VU established its award-winning Block Model to support student success in many ways; but its single unit study focus is truly coming into its own now. And students are already seeing results.

There's good news for VU students studying remotely.

Why is the Block better?

Other universities teaching in the traditional model require students to juggle four subjects (or units) at once over 12 weeks, whereas students in the Block Model complete one unit at a time over four weeks before moving on to the next.

Reducing the workload and keeping confusion to a minimum has been key to students settling in well and staying focused on their courses.

VU students are further supported while studying remotely, because the Block Model class sizes are smaller (typically 15-30) than traditional model classes. This means that students still have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get involved in their learning.

Studying one unit at a time with the VU Block Model is making remote learning easier.

Students experience the benefits

First-year Bachelor of Education (P-12) student Jeremy says that he’s not struggling with remote learning like his friends at other unis, so he’s able to focus on his studies and adjust to student life.

"It’s much less overwhelming only having to worry about completing one unit and one assessment at a time," Jeremy says.

"The small online classrooms give us the most authentic and closest thing to a real life classroom that anyone could get now. Going into separate breakout rooms in Zoom gives us the chance to collaborate in small groups as if we were in a classroom environment."

VU Vice-Chancellor and President Peter Dawkins says that VU prides itself on being "excellent, inclusive and adaptable".

This is affirmed by second year Criminal Justice/Psychology student, Toolsika. "I think VU has approached remote learning beautifully and quickly," she says.

"The Block Model has made it better as there’s not the pressure of learning several subjects at once. I’m not worried about exams as I only have assignments and small tests."

Toolsika's not stressed learning remotely – thanks to the Block Model.

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With our online real-time classes and self-paced activities, our students are experiencing great results thanks to the VU Block Model.

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