Humans are social beings. As we adjust to this new life of isolation, the lack of social interaction will be a challenge for many. Positive social connections are essential for your mental health and can help you cope in times of stress.

Here are six fresh ways to maintain social connections and keep the good vibes coming.

1. Stick to your regular catch-ups

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood while chatting to mates and loved ones on the phone. Plug in your earbuds, put your phone in your pocket and chat away – putting your phone away is key to make the conversation feel less mechanical.

If you really miss their faces, organise your regular catch-ups over a beverage – or even a virtual dinner date – with the help of FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

Bring back old-school chats.

2. Organise a movie night

Movie nights can still happen in the age of COVID-19. You can use different platforms to chat while watching everything from movies and TV to the latest cat video on YouTube. Check out:

Did you know Facebook has feature length shows? Check out Facebook Watch together with a buddy or two, and try to not to get drawn in to its free viewing awesomeness.

Share a movie with mates, with the help of online viewing platforms.

3. Channel your competitive streak

During lock down, what better time to revive the exhaustive range of app-ified board game classics. A few of the options are:

Try some friendly competition with the virtual board game classics.

4. Support local businesses & surprise your friends

If you're one of the lucky ones who still has the means, continue to support your favourite local florist, restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, or bakers by ordering online and getting goods delivered to your friends to let them know you miss them!

You'll feed two birds with one...scone!

Show you care – for your friends and local small business!

5. Work out together

Sign up for the VU Fitness Centre free virtual team training – it's available for the whole VU community via Zoom. Join interactive workout sessions where participants can see each other in real-time and send questions to the instructor during the workout.

If your funny workout face is reserved for close friends only, fear not, you and your mates can catch up over recorded sessions, but remember to keep FaceTime on to motivate each other.

The world can come to you with thousands of workouts available on YouTube or live via social media channels.

Join the VU community's free fitness training.

6. Plan a virtual holiday

As your travel footprint is confined to your backyard and supermarket, you might be looking for ways to scratch your travel itch. You’re in luck! You and your mates can go on virtual experiences without leaving your couch.

Without having to battle the crowds you can:

Check out more international virtual tours by visiting the Escape website.

Visit the world's most breathtaking natural and human-made wonders, all from your home.

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