As a young job seeker, you’ll often find that getting the job you want is dependent on already having worked in that very job. You need work experience to build your career, but no one will give you a foot in the door.

Frustrating, right?

It might seem like the ultimate Catch-22 – a phrase coined in Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel to describe 'a difficult circumstance from which there is no escape due to mutually dependent conditions'.

But at VU, we offer a range of ways to graduate with a CV that boasts all the professional experience employers want!

You can graduate with a CV that has all the experience employers want.

1. Make the workplace your classroom

Through course content closely linked with industry and well-established workplace learning programs, you can gain experience that is equivalent to prior employment, while earning study credit for it at VU. You’ll also have the chance to network in your field and potentially impress key industry employers.

For example, Arts students can take up an internship with writing journal Overland, while Education students can gain up to 700 hours’ teaching practice during their degree. Our Law students can shadow high-profile judges, and our Sport and Exercise Science students complete placements with over 350 different host organisations.

Our long-standing Work-integrated Learning program for Business students offers opportunities to work with hundreds of top tier companies like KPMG, ANZ Bank, GM Holden, Disneyworld Florida and more.

VU students get experience in the workplace through internships with industry. Brooke Muscat (right) found employment through workplace learning with Western Bulldogs Football Club.

2. Look out for on-campus career kick-starting opportunities

Build up your skill-set and referee list by taking part in some of the great student work opportunities on campus. While some will be voluntary positions, the experience you get is guaranteed to pay off in the future.

VU offers a number of paid roles each year for Student Ambassadors which give you the chance to develop communication and networking skills.

Our Student Leadership Program also offers unique professional-development opportunities to hone your leadership skills and help you stand out when you graduate. And don’t forget to check-out the exciting external internship opportunities that may be available for your study area! Checkout the jobs board on the Learning Hub.

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Your uni campus can be a great place to gain work experience.

3. Consult an employability expert

Take advantage of free advisory services on campus. At VU, there is a range of services designed especially to help students gain employment before they even graduate.

Current VU students, and graduates who completed study within the last two years, can access online and face-to-face careers and employment services through our Learning Hubs.

Our Talent Connect program is an intensive job-readiness service for students in their final semester of study. You’ll be given individualised career coaching, recruitment masterclasses and be matched with a mentor to help smooth your transition from uni to the workforce.

Free career advisory services on campus can help kick-start your job search.

4. Find a mentor

Finding the right mentor can create a fantastic learning partnership and help you find your way in the workforce. A mentor in your industry can improve your transition from student to career-focused employee by facilitating your employment goals and skill objectives.

VU has several mentorship programs for students and graduates. Our Learning Through Teaching Mentoring Program for postgraduate research graduates supports entry into an academic research career.

Our Career Mentoring Program for Business and IT students offers 12 weeks of mentoring and professional network development. And our Learning Hubs offer peer mentoring from experienced, successful students.  Don’t overlook your teachers as potential mentors, too. Our staff are all well-connected to industry in their fields and could help you in the hunt for your first dream job!

VU has several mentorship programs for students and graduates.

Time to get job-ready?