There’s a growing rumble in households across Australia.

While we’re all following the advice to stay home and put our plans on hold, we're beginning to examine our life and career choices.

We're discovering that now is the perfect time to further ourselves through education. Whether it’s a complete career change, a focused specialisation or a way to keep brain-fit in isolation, tertiary education is certainly an unexpected positive consequence to this otherwise difficult situation.

The VU difference that makes all the difference

Universities and TAFEs around the country (and the world) have acted swiftly to convert their courses for digital and remote delivery.

Meanwhile Victoria University has the greatest asset of any Australian university in this position – the VU Block Model.

The VU Block Model was established two years ago to enhance student success, but its single unit study focus is really coming to the fore in the era of remote learning.

A benefit of Block

Rather than struggling with four subjects (or units) at once over 12 weeks like other universities, Block Model students complete one subject every four weeks, before moving on to the next.

Contrary to this being a challenging time to begin studying, completing just one unit at a time is making the transition to remote learning easier.

Another key benefit of the Block Model is its smaller class sizes. As students at other universities are struggling to compete for attention in lectures with hundreds of classmates, VU students remain in their workshop-style classes in which they can engage more with teachers and fellow students.

Students reap the benefits

Students are already experiencing the positive impact of studying remotely under the VU Block Model.

Third year Bachelor of Sports Science/Sport Management student Sean is finding the transition to remote learning relatively easy – compared to his mates studying at other institutions.

"The transition has gone smoothly. I certainly think the Block Model is helpful in this situation. Friends at other unis have had mixed feelings about the transition – some are finding it very difficult to adjust with multiple priorities," he says.

Learn from the best: teachers' enthusiasm is infectious

Education lecturer Keo Lin's students are praising him for his positive attitude and ability to motivate. He says it may be hard for students to understand the benefits of the Block Model now, but the bigger picture will soon emerge.

"I think for my students it's hard for them to appreciate their situation because they are currently in it, you know? But I remind them – imagine having all four subjects and transitioning to digital learning simultaneously!"

Keo is keeping students motivated with his positivity.

Top reasons to return to study now

People return to study for a variety of reasons and seasons. For some it’s a new-found passion, while for others, such as Bachelor of Community Development graduate Deruka, caring for children put career development on hold. She says:

"After having my four children, I decided to continue my education. I chose VU as it’s welcoming and accommodating to mature-age students. The teachers were informed and supportive of diversity and inclusiveness. I also accessed help with my English through peer mentoring."

Luciano travelled and worked before he discovered his calling in youth work. Choosing a course pathway from TAFE to higher education at VU Polytechnic and VU, he received course credits (Advanced Standing) for his past work experience.

"Looking back, I know I needed to ‘live a bit’ before I settled on my direction. I worked at Camp America, and then back in Australia worked with Indigenous kids from remote communities.

After getting some experience I was ready to get stuck into my studies, so I started with the Certificate IV in Youth Work [CHC40413], then I took the course pathway (with a year of course credits) straight into year two of the Bachelor of Youth Work."

Deruka pursued her passion after raising her family.

After life and work experiences, Luciano discovered his dream career.

Find out more about studying at VU

While we run our classes remotely during this time, our students are experiencing great results thanks to the VU Block Model.

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