Technology can be hugely distracting. But used correctly, it can help boost your focus and concentration – both of which are crucial around exam time.

These five study apps and websites have been designed to help improve your study focus and increase productivity.


Behavioural scientists conducted an experiment that put students into three different rooms and asked them to perform a series of tests. Students in two of the rooms were interrupted twice via an instant message device and subsequently scored 20% lower than the students who had not been interrupted.

Interruptions impair our cognitive ability, but with OFFTIME you create profiles that block your calls, texts, and notifications.

You can even restrict access to any apps and limit your phone usage (digital detox), so you can make sure you can focus, don’t get distracted, break free or have some quality time. Make exceptions for the people important to you, or send out custom auto-replies that let others know when you’re back on the grid.

Download the OFFTIME app.

2. Forest

With Forest, you plant a seed and can watch it grow into a tree – only if you can resist closing the app down.

Close the app, and your tree dies.

But by keeping you focused on study and avoiding ‘app hopping’, the longer the app is kept open, the larger your tree will grow.

Download the Forest app.

3. Maths Alarm Clock

On one hand, SWOTVAC is great – no more classes! On the downside, there’s no need to get out of bed – you snooze, you lose!

This app forces you to solve a maths sum in order to turn off your alarm, decreasing the chances of you hitting snooze for the fifteenth time.

Download the Maths Alarm Clock app.

4. Study

Sound and communication expert Julian Treasure stated in a great Ted Talk that we’re only one-third as productive in a noisy environment compared to a quiet environment. But finding a quiet place to study can be difficult.

The ‘Study’ app delivers 45 minutes of sound designed to increase your productivity by masking background noise.

Download the Study app.

5. Go Conqr Study Planner

It’s well known that early organisation of study can help prevent exam stress and anxiety. Research has shown that studying shorter ‘blocks’ of time, rather than one an extended period is better for knowledge retention.

This online study planner helps you schedule events in a calendar, allocate time to key subject areas, and keep track of the time you spend on each subject.

Download the Go Conqr Study Planner app.


Writer: Mark Braby