Are you ready to lead the change in your organisation?

The corporate landscape is constantly evolving and revolving. It’s important to keep up – or better still, lead the change.

If you’re keen to be a champion of change and innovation, there are several things you can do to ensure the success of your business and your people.

What is organisational change management?

Firstly, it’s a growing profession crying out for qualified professionals. In other words – organisational change management (OCM) is hot!

OCM governs the effect of new processes, changes in structure or culture within a business.

At the centre of any company’s OCM is its people. But how can people in the midst of change accept and thrive along with it? If you want to be a change leader, begin with being the change you want to see.

  1. Understanding organisational behaviour
    Learn to understand the attitudes and behaviours of your co-workers, subordinates, supervisors, and clients. 
  2. Focus on ethics
    Ethical frameworks for decision making are essential. Now is the time to maintain and even increase your corporate responsibility and sustainable development.
  3. Set the example
    Simple – if you’re a leader of change, you need to set the example people actually want to follow.
  4. Be on top of your (industry) game
    We can’t be experts in everything. But as a change manager you need to know – or learn – the latest technologies in your particular area.
  5. Become an expert in change
    Don’t just believe you’re an expert, become an expert in change…read on to find out how.

Become an expert (not a know-it-all!)

The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know…

Aristotle was banging on about this stuff more than 4000 years ago! Being a lifelong learner – flexible and open to learning the latest technologies and industry practices – is key to being a successful change leader.

To become the change expert employers and employees will love, consider a postgraduate qualification in the world’s first Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership.

With no equivalent-level change management postgrad course offered anywhere in Australia, the course is designed to equip experienced professionals from diverse industries to build innovative teams, drive complex change and adjust quickly to new business conditions.

What are graduates saying?

Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership graduate Charles Campos is now working as a change analyst for Anixer International in the US. He says:

Everywhere I’d previously worked would have benefited from having change managers, so I was drawn to the Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership at VU.

I’ve used the course’s tool kits, frameworks and surveys in my current role. The small-group setting made it focused and hands on. Not only did the professors have the academic qualifications, but they also had the industry experience to share with us.

Charles Campos

Learn from the industry leaders

VU lecturers are skilled professionals with years of experience and industry networks.

Associate Professor Shahnaz Naughton is a passionate teacher with more than 30 years’ experience working across the public and private sectors. She has led transformational and culture change, strategic management, organisational behaviour and leadership development in organisations such as the United Nations and the National Australia Group.

Dr Naughton developed the Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership for the future.

The program is designed to develop future leaders that understand the complexity of change and transformation, as well as lead their team with innovative design thinking. This will equip them to deal with the nature of changing work and workforce given the AI (artificial intelligence) and the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Shahnaz Naughton

Find out how you can become a champion of change

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