Jaspreet Kaur’s desire to help people migrate to Australia began with her own less-than-perfect visa experience. Jaspreet became a migration agent and started her business to ensure others didn’t have the same trouble.

She shares why she’s confident the important role of migration agents will continue despite the global pandemic, why she's excited for the challenges that lay ahead.

Jaspreet Kaur: "My clients’ success is my success."

On career dreams, challenges & future-focus

Why did you pursue a career in Migration Law?

“As an international student myself, I have personally experienced what it’s like to receive inadequate migration advice.

Sound migration advice is crucial, not only for the students, but also for the integrity of the Migration Law profession.

For people who require migration pathway advice, they need to obtain a clear understanding of their options and legislative requirements in order to effectively navigate their way through the migration framework. I have heard countless stories of international students having problems with their visa pathways, which inspired me to elevate my knowledge and use my migration skills to make a change. I decided to become a migration agent to fill that gap and enrolled in VU’s Graduate Diploma of Migration Law.”

Why did you choose VU?

“Victoria University’s curriculum is practical and reflects the migration industry. VU fosters a learning environment premised on students achieving excellence, no matter their educational background. The lecturers and teaching methods are inspiring. My own success is a testament to this.”

Starting the career dream

"I thought, ‘I want to do something I love!’ Immigration is my passion, so I founded my Melbourne-based consulting firm Nextwave Migration. We deliver solutions to clients from diverse backgrounds, and handle all types of Australian visas.

As the saying goes, ‘choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life’. Running your own business is hard work, but if you enjoy what you do and have a stake in your success, it doesn’t seem like a chore.

I am also undertaking my Juris Doctor legal qualification at Monash University, expecting to complete it in 2023.”

What do you look for in your employees?

“As an employer, I prefer Victoria University candidates.

They are ready for employment and have a greater desire to collaborate, and remarkable drive to succeed. VU instils the mental strength for students to rise to the challenges of our profession. Lecturers have worked in industry and share their own experiences, which prepares students for the real world.”

Migration benefits for all – until COVID-19

“There is no doubt that immigration contributes to Australia’s cultural and economic growth. In the education sector alone, international students inject $39 billion a year into our economy.

Our government has indicated that Australia’s allocated intake of 160,000 students will be maintained post-pandemic. Australia’s migration system will be able to recover from the pandemic with business and employer-sponsored visas likely to be the driving force behind it.”

Better days ahead

“As migration agents, we can look to clearer skies post-pandemic, since people will remain dedicated to their Australian migration plans.

I’m keeping abreast of the changes in law and policies so that when international borders reopen, I’m ready, willing and able to support our clients.”

Future focus

“My vision includes continuing to contribute to the success and integrity of the migration law profession and help more people realise their visa objectives.

My clients’ success is my success. After 10 years I am still as passionate about migration law today as I was all those years ago.”

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