So, you’ve been accepted into uni – congratulations!

The last 12 years of your life have been huge. But now you've left school life behind forever, and you’re about to meet new friends who have the same hopes and aspirations as you.

Being accepted into a course at VU is just the start of the journey towards your dream career. But before you can hit the books, here are 8 things you’ll need to do to make sure your transition to uni life goes smoothly.

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To do list

1. Find your student ID number

This number will be really important for anything you need to do while you’re at VU. You’ll find it on the offer email you would’ve received in your personal email account. Keep a note of it somewhere handy.

2. Get a tax file number (TFN) 

​If you don’t already have one, you can apply for a TFN through the Australian Taxation Office. You’ll need a TFN if you’re getting a student loan via the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

3. Enrol online 

​You can enrol online easily by going to the MyVU portal. You’ll need your student ID number and the temporary password in your offer email to access MyVU. See Enrol as a domestic student for more detail.

4. Explore MyVU 

MyVU is VU’s student portal. You can find out about events and opportunities relevant to you, discover VU’s facilities and resources and access VU Collaborate, the online platform for all your class information and study material.

5. Activate & monitor your student email

You can do this via MyVU. Keep an eye on this email address because it’ll be how we keep in touch with you and inform you about everything related to your time at VU.

6. Select your timetable

Access your timetable, browse available times for the units you’re enrolled in and specify your time preferences in MyTimetable via MyVU.

7. Apply for your student ID card 

Follow the instructions at AskVU to request your student ID card. Check out all the benefits you can get when you flash your student ID!

8. Handle life admin

Make a list of the stuff you’ll need for your first day at uni. Include stationery, technology requirements, chargers, water bottle, snacks and food, a Myki card, or download the EasyPark app so you can park on campus in the P meter areas.

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Get organised before you start your course.