7 reasons to study hair, beauty & make-up

Do you love being creative, working with your hands and making connections with people?

If you're known for your sense of style, get excited about new beauty products and live for online make-up tutorials, a career in the hair, beauty and make-up industry could be just what you're looking for.

We talked to Andrea Day, Senior Educator, Hair Beauty and Make-up at VU City Tower, about some of the best reasons to get started on a fun and rewarding career journey now. 

1. Learn in-demand skills

Hair and beauty services are always going to be in high demand, so you’ll be embarking on a career with lots of job opportunities and the potential to make a good living.

"The industry is always growing,” Andrea says. “Even in the global financial crisis, people still want to make themselves feel good.”

In fact, industry trends show many of us see hair and beauty treatments as small luxuries worth indulging in, even (or especially) when times are harder – and the industry is only expected to continue to grow.

2. Open up multiple career options

Whether your dream is to open your own barber shop, be a freelance make-up artist or work in a fancy salon, a qualification in hair, beauty or make-up can take you in lots of different directions.

“Pathways for your career can include working overseas, on cruise ships, in salons, in theatre, film or TV, in the fashion industry, or teaching,” Andrea says. “Salon ownership and freelance is another popular option for the more experienced and business savvy.”

You’ll also have options to work in different specialisations to fit what you love most.

“For example, in the beauty industry you might lean towards spa, nails, hair removal, brows or skin clinics. For hairdressing or barbering you might become a colourist or a cutting specialist.”

3. Work with your hands & see the results

Hate the idea of sitting in an office all day? A career in hair, beauty and make-up lets you be on your feet, work with your hands and get absorbed in practical work that makes use of a combination of skills and ways of thinking.

You’ll also get the satisfaction of starting and finishing multiple jobs each day. “It’s rewarding to see instant results for your hard work,” Andrea says.

4. Enjoy making people feel good

If you love being around people, hair and beauty could be an excellent industry for you. “It’s generally a work environment that’s great for social connection and wellbeing,” Andrea says.

This is something VU hairdressing student Bethany Rose discovered right from the start of her course.

“I knew hairdressing was the right career path for me when I served my first customer at the campus salon, providing a hair wash and blow dry service,” she says.

“I quickly realised that I can build a natural rapport with people. I found that it was easy for me to be able to talk to clients, and I can say that I have developed my self-confidence during my training.”

5. Be creative & never get bored

Working in hair, beauty and make-up combines technical skills with creativity, giving you lots of opportunities to express your ideas, play with different colours, techniques and styles, and develop your own unique aesthetic.

It’s also a career with plenty of variety, so you’ll never be bored. With new trends and techniques always emerging, you’ll get to constantly challenge your creativity and learn new skills.

6. Start doing what you love sooner

Unlike many other career pursuits, you don't need to study for years on end. Depending on which course you choose, you could earn a qualification in just six months to a year and dive right into an exciting new career.

All you need is a desire to learn and you can get started on your course, build hands-on skills from day one, and get closer to your career goals fast.

7. Unlock the option to start your own business

Love the idea of working for yourself? VU hairdressing and specialist makeup student Samantha Page says her courses gave her the boost she needed to leap into this opportunity.

“Studying at VU didn't just teach me the technical skills I needed,” she says. “The support and encouragement I received from the staff also helped me to have the confidence to set up my own business.”

Even if self-employment isn’t the right path for you, there are still plenty of opportunities for freedom and flexibility.

“The hairdressing and beauty industries are increasingly supportive of flexible working conditions, which is good for working parents,” Andrea says.

Launch your hair, beauty & make-up career with VU

Sound like a dream? VU offers courses across hairdressing, barbering, beauty, make-up and more, delivered from our City Campus in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

You’ll learn from industry professionals, get practical experience, and build the skills and confidence to launch a career with endless creative potential.

Why choose VU?

When you study hair, beauty and make-up with us, you can:

  • get real-world experience in our student-run salon at VU City Tower, under the guidance of experienced professionals
  • make industry connections and enjoy unique opportunities for work experience and placements
  • learn in an award-winning environment, where students regularly win top prizes in the Hair & Beauty Industry Association (HBIA) Awards.