AFLW Bulldogs star and VU student Ellyse Gamble has just made her triumphant return to the field after a run of injuries.

She is also returning to the classroom for her second year of the Bachelor of Education (P-12).

We grabbed her as she flew past for a quick ‘5 questions in 5 minutes’.

On footy, first year & freedom!

1. What advice would you give first years?

Whatever you’re doing in the moment – work, study, sport or whatever – focus on that. While you’re at uni, sport or work can wait. And when you’re working, training or playing, focus on that and give it your all.

Also, seek help and email your teachers – they’re always there to support you.

Lastly, having an outlet really helps you stay balanced – so keep your passions outside of uni alive.

2. What motivates you at uni?

For one, just knowing I always wanted to be a teacher, getting closer to my goal. I had two years off after school, so it was great to pursue something I was passionate about and get that real sense of achievement every time I completed a block.

Not to mention getting good grades! My grades were even better than I’d hoped for and getting those was a great motivator for me.

3. For anyone else juggling work and study commitments, how does VU’s Block Model help with that?

I know lots of people my age would be fearful that they can’t ‘do it all’. But the Block Model allows you to manage your different workloads and all those things outside of uni you love to do, and have to do.

Block Model ultimately gives you freedom.

4. You’ve just returned to the footy field and back to uni at the same time - what are you excited about for 2019?

I’m excited to be back out there, contributing to the game on the field. The VFL season is just around the corner too so I'm really looking forward to that.

At uni I can’t wait to start my placements – to put what I’ve learnt so far into practice, and gain the experience in the classroom that will give me confidence when I graduate.

I’ll also be travelling to Europe for a month after Block 4. Aside from an amazing life experience I know that will benefit my studies and make me a better teacher.

5. What’s your nickname in the club rooms?

Kenny – after the Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler (Gamble – geddit?!)

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