Got your textbooks sorted? Then it's time to work out the other supplies you'll need to help smash your uni goals.

1. Make yourself official with your student ID card

Your student ID is your access pass to services on campus like the library and printing as well as a huge range of student discounts including technology, health, travel, shopping and entertainment. It’s super easy to arrange – all you have to do is upload a photo online and we’ll do the rest. You’ll get an email when you ID card is ready to collect from your chosen VUHQ.

2. Download the Victoria University App

The brand spanking new Victoria University App provides you with a handy portal to access all of your essential digital systems – so you can keep track of your classes, assignments, results and more.

It also has campus maps (including toilets!), and you can even use it to book a PC at your campus library. Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Organise your PTV concession card and myki

If you catch public transport, this is going to save you a lot of money.

You can apply for a PTV tertiary concession card online through MyVU by following these steps:

  1. From MyVU, click 'Request a public transport concession card'.
  2. Check that your details are correct then submit your request (your photo will be auto-generated as per your student ID; if you want a replacement photo you will need to go to VUHQ and pay $30).
  3. Check your student email for a system generated email with your completed form attached.
  4. Print the completed form from your student email.
  5. Take the completed form to a train station to get your concession card - use the PTV website to find a station near you.

Eligible International students can apply for a 365-day use iUSE pass myki.

4. Download the EasyPark app

If you drive to campus, the EasyPark app is a super easy way to pay for your parking and you can adjust it throughout the day. This means if a class runs over, you’re not going to get caught out.

There are still coin parking meters available at all our campus car parks, but the app lets you skip lines, saves you digging for coins at the bottom of your bag and only pay for the parking you use. It's also super handy if you're late and want to get a ticket while running to class.

Download the EasyPark App on the Apple App store or Google Play store.

5. Get the Office365 Outlook app

It’s super important to check your student email regularly. You’ll use it to communicate with your lecturers and other students, and we’ll send you important course updates and events.

Download the Office365 Outlook app to access your student email and calendar on your phone or iPad, so you never miss something important.