Over 60% of new students* say our IT services and great digital student experience was one of the reasons they chose VU – here are just a few of the reasons why!

*Based on a survey of 1241 commencing students, February 2020.

The new online VU student calendar

Whether you simply like to travel light or have a constant case of the "where's my [keys, cards, wallet, diary...]?", you'll love VU's new student calendar.

From your phone or computer, via MYVU, you can now access a comprehensive online calendar with details on:

  • current timetabling
  • student events
  • learning opportunities
  • admin services.

Never miss an amazing on-campus event or important deadline again!

Find out more about the VU Calendar.

Access a comprehensive student calendar on the go.

No more paperwork: digital student forms

Around 6 billion trees are cut down each year around the world and approximately 4 billion of these trees go to making paper.

Sustainability is one of the big reasons for our new digital student forms – but so is convenience! With everything at the touch of a mobile phone these days, who even carries around a pen anymore?

Our digitised student forms mean you can now manage essential administrative processes via online submission including amending unit enrolments, fee refunds, managing HECS and more.

Forget paperwork - you can access essential student forms online.

A one-stop-shop in your pocket: the VU App

If you haven't already got the VU App, what are you waiting for? It offers everything you need to navigate your life as a VU student in one place. From your phone you can:

  • find your classroom and campus facilities fast and easily with interactive campus maps
  • view your current and past unit content, assessments, results and teacher communication on VU Collaborate
  • keep track of upcoming assignments, classes and view your timetable
  • see your student details including fee invoices, enrolment, results and examination information
  • access your Learning Hub account to add, book and validate progress in Essential Activities, our range of skill development and career readiness programs
  • access your digital ID student card which can be used in VU Libraries and for other student services
  • browse an array of student facilities including IT services and Student Life activities
  • stay up-to-date via personalised notifications and student announcements.

The App has earned over 22,000 users and seven awards for digital design, innovation and entrepreneurship since launching in 2018. Search 'Victoria University App' for Android and iPhone via the app store to find out more.

Access interactive campus maps and more from the VU App.

Access anywhere, anytime: bring your own device

Even though our 150+ student computer labs are incredible, with regular hardware upgrades and all the latest software, sometimes you just want to work on your own favourite device – or take your study to that café with the cute barista, right? That's why we support students to bring their own device through a desktop and application virtualisation system. It offers access to all on-campus services and applications on any device anytime, anywhere with internet.

Take your study group to a cafe and still access all your essential student systems.

Find out more about VU IT Services

Watch this video to find out how VU IT Services offers a seamless digital University experience – from tech-advanced teaching spaces to the multi-award winning VU App, VU Collaborate online learning hubs and innovative teaching tools.

What is VU IT Services?