WERC: Recognising Thailand's uncredentialed potential

The Thailand Professional Qualifications Institute (TPQI) recently visited the Work-based Education Research Centre (WERC) at VU as part of an international knowledge exchange partnership to research and design a standards based qualification framework for Thailand.

This partnership will comprise of many visits as VU's WERC shares its workforce development expertise with the TPQI.

The WERC are renowned for their contribution to knowledge and policy development in vocational education.

Associate Professor Shelley Gillis, Deputy Director, WERC says the partnership will help the TPQI to build their capacity to establish an elaborate credential system to recognise uncredentialed workers in Thailand.

"Thailand has a workforce of 39 million people but only an estimated 10 million (a quarter) have secondary or tertiary education credentials, Associate Professor Gillis said."

"Thirty million people in the Thai workforce possess the skills of their credentialed counterparts but lack the official paperwork."

"The TPQI believe this an essential step in helping Thailand transition into a knowledge-based economy and society."

"We are proud to assist them in establishing a professional qualification system, knowing the value our qualification system adds to the Australian economy."

"By recognising their uncredentialed workforce, Thailand gives its human capital a competitive edge, which will promote sustainable economic growth for years to come." 

For more information on the Thai partnership read this article or contact Associate Professor Shelley Gillis.

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