Information symbol and the words Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Victoria University (VU) has been taking decisive action to help keep the VU community safe since the escalation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our key focus is always the safety, health and wellbeing of our students, staff and families.

Digital and remote course delivery for the majority of our courses and work from home arrangements remain in place.

VU has formed a special taskforce which is overseeing our Transition to Campus Strategy and Framework. The taskforce has created the University's COVIDSafe Plan, which presents a process for the gradual and safe transition to campus of all members of the University community, in line with the Commonwealth government’s 3-step framework for a COVIDSafe Australia.

At this time, all of our campuses are only allowing essential and approved on-campus activities. Essential activities are defined as requiring restricted access for priority teaching, learning, assessment and research.

VU will continue to monitor our situation, and the advice from government, with the aim to progressively increase our on-campus activities in a phased, safe and structured manner.

We know that COVID-19 presents significant challenges and concerns for students, staff and families. VU has free and confidential support services available to assist our community.

July lockdown for some Melbourne suburbs

Despite the lockdown of COVID-19 hotspot postcode locations around Melbourne in July, travel for the purposes of attending education and work is exempt from restrictions. Essential classes and work activities will continue as scheduled across VU campuses.

Student Support Fund & Crisis Appeal

VU has launched its COVID-19 Student Support Fund to help students studying in Australia by providing emergency financial assistance during the pandemic.

This includes:

  • emergency financial grants
  • technology grants
  • crisis housing support. 

Part of the funding has come from the VU Executive Team who have donated 10% of their salaries for the next six months.

Due to the incredible demand for financial support from students who have lost jobs and are unable to access government support, we have also launched our Student Crisis Appeal with VU senior leaders matching donations dollar for dollar and our student and staff community rallying together to contribute.

Under the Victorian Government’s International Student Emergency Relief Fund, international students in Victoria who are experiencing financial hardship are eligible for support up to the value of $500. Victoria University will co-contribute funds to the same value for VU students if their application to the Victorian Government fund is successful and they have not already been awarded via the COVID-19 Student Support Fund.

COVID-19 vaccine appeal

An elite team of Victoria University (VU) researchers, led by Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos, are on the right path to find a COVID-19 vaccine. Donate to the appeal to fast-track the research from the laboratory to trials.

Voluntary notification of illness

To assist VU, students and staff can voluntarily provide details of situations where they have had:

  • direct contact with a person who has a confirmed case of coronavirus; or
  • a test for coronavirus (positive, negative or no result back yet).

Reporting is voluntary. There is no obligation for students or staff to notify VU. This information will be used to assist VU to provide support to students and staff and assist VU working with the Department of Health and Human Services, if contact tracing is required.

To assist in providing this information, go to the coronavirus voluntary reporting webform.

Our response

What we have done

  • Moved to digitally supported remote course delivery where practical and possible.
  • Launched the COVID-19 Student Support Fund to provide emergency financial assistance to students in need.
  • Suspended or cancelled all on-campus events, gatherings and activities.
  • Closed onsite library services and limited access to campus buildings.
  • Ceased all international and domestic work-related travel until further notice.
  • Increased onsite cleaning, hand sanitisers and promotion of good hygiene.
  • Adhered to and promoted social distancing principles.
  • Continued VU services and functions by supporting staff to work remotely, as well as other options that best suit individual staff circumstances.

What we are doing

  • Responding quickly to Government advice and directions.
  • Keeping the VU community informed of important developments.
  • Victoria University (VU) researchers, led by Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos, are on the right path to find a COVID-19 vaccine. VU has launched an appeal to fast-track the research from the laboratory to trials.
  • Launched an appeal to provide financial support to students and are matching donations, dollar for dollar. Give to our student appeal.
  • Implementing measures to mitigate an outbreak, including measures around health, hygiene, and general wellbeing of the VU community.
  • Continuing to plan for potential scenarios and impacts to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
  • Providing support where possible to any students or staff that are impacted by coronavirus. To assist us, students and staff can voluntarily complete the coronavirus voluntary reporting webform if they have been tested for coronavirus or have had direct contact with someone who has a confirmed case of coronavirus.

What we want you to do

  • Continue to follow good hygiene practices.
  • Follow social distancing principles.
  • Keep up to date with information from VU’s coronavirus response team (including this page and our coronavirus FAQs, which include links to Australian and State Government websites).
  • Report issues and information to [email protected] or +61 3 9919 6398.
  • If you are feeling unwell seek medical advice and let your course coordinator (if you're a student) or your manager (if you're staff) know.
  • Assist VU by voluntarily completing the coronavirus voluntary reporting webform if you have been tested for coronavirus or have had direct contact with someone who has a confirmed case of coronavirus.
  • Most importantly, look after yourself.

Official coronavirus (COVID-19) info & advice

Leading authorities have compiled a range of resources to keep us informed about coronavirus.

Health advice

Education advice

International students

Financial advice

  • Working for Victoria is an initiative to help Victorians find new work opportunities
  • Rent relief offers assistance to eligible Victorians who are experiencing rental hardship due to COVID-19