If you are a Victoria University student or staff, you must report to the University if you are a COVID close contact and you intend to come onto campus during the first seven days from you becoming a close contact.

A close contact is a person who spends four or more hours in a residential (home/house) setting with a confirmed COVID case. You are not a close contact if the contact was outside the home setting e.g. at work, University or a social setting.

As a close contact you have two choices:

  • Isolate for seven days at the location of the positive case.
  • Undertake a surveillance program as defined by the Victorian Government. If you undertake the surveillance program then you will not need to isolate at home for the seven days.

To undertake the surveillance program you must agree and undertake the following actions:

  • Wear a mask at all times whilst indoors anywhere away from your home. This means you must wear a mask at all times when indoors on campus.
  • Take a rapid antigen test (RAT) on five days within the first seven days from the first date of contact. The University will provide you with five RATs – you must take a RAT each day that you attend campus within that seven day period.
  • You must be tested if you develop symptoms. If you develop symptoms – no matter how mild, you must not attend campus or immediately leave campus if symptoms develop on campus. If you develop symptoms we recommend you to undertake a PCR test at a testing station.
  • You cannot attend campus if you return a positive or undetermined RA test result.

If you are a close contact and you wish to attend campus under the above Surveillance Program, please complete the form below.

The COVID Safe Team will send you an email with a certificate. You must take this certificate to Security to collect your free rapid antigen tests – you must have this certificate before attending Security.

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