In line with Victorian Government requirements, it is mandatory for visitors to check in with the Service Victoria QR code when entering any campus building at Victoria University.

Thank you for continuing to play your part in keeping the community safe.

If you have any further questions, please contact the COVIDSafe Team: [email protected].

How to check in

When entering any campus building, scan the QR code on the poster at the entrance to each building. You must do this each time you enter a new building on campus, including when travelling between buildings on the same campus. This also applies if the buildings are connected internally.

1. Scan

Use your phone to scan the code.

2. Enter details

Enter your name and phone number.

3. Look for tick

Look for the tick. Now you're checked in.

Additional steps required on campus

In addition to checking in via the Service Victoria app, you are still required to:

  • follow all instructions from your host
  • show your vaccination certificate and check-in to the COVIDSafe team at check points or as requested.

Unable to scan the QR code?

If you are unable to check in using the Service Victoria app for any reason, please email [email protected] with:

  • the relevant campus and building number/name
  • your given name(s) and family name
  • your contact number.

Service Victoria app

Most should be familiar with the Service Victoria app and may have already used it to check in to supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

The data collected by the app assists rapid contact tracing to occur and is held in accordance with Service Victoria’s privacy and security policy.

VU staff can request to see your QR check-in status while on campus. See the section 'Checking your QR code 'check-in status'' on this page for how to display this on your device.

Checking your QR code 'check-in status'

VU will continue to audit the use of the QR Code system. Staff can request to see any person's check-in status. To display the log on status use the following process:

Phone home screen showing the Service Victoria app

  1. Open the Service Victoria app.

Service Victoria app showing, among other things, 'Contact tracing check-in' and 'Current check-in' details at the bottom.

  1. To see the current building/location that the app is logged in to, click on the 'Current check-in' button at the bottom of the app.

Phone screen showing a Service Australia check in at the Victoria University St Albans Campus, Building 1A

  1. This will then display the current check-in.