VU Research Repository in top third in Australia

According to the Ranking of World repositories, Victoria University Research Repository is ranked 15th in Australia and 339th (from its previous 405th place) in the world.

VU Research Repository is an open access repository that showcases the research and scholarly outputs of VU staff and higher degree research students. It is indexed by Google, Trove & OAIster.

The ranking conducted by Cybermetrics Lab based in Spain is a composite index based on measures of size, visibility, amount of full text, and number of papers found by Google Scholar over the last five years. There are 2,297 repositories ranked from all regions of the world, e.g. North and Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Arab World, and Oceania. With a ranking of 15th (out of 49 Australian Repositories), VU Research Repository is placed in the top third in Australia.

The repository makes VU research visible, accessible and global. Repository statistics indicate:

  • More than 432,000 download requests within Australia
  • More than 383,000 download requests from United States

VU research also generates interest in France (over 145,200 downloads), United Kingdom (over 143, 490 downloads), India (over 139, 300 downloads), China (over 113,760 downloads). For a complete list of the 234 countries where downloads originated, see available reports in research repository statistics overview.

Contribute to the VU Research Repository

VU researchers can submit peer-reviewed journal articles, theses and other materials of research and scholarly natures.

For more information see submitting a paper.

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