Rocket combustion
New publication on combustion of solid propellants a world first

A Victoria University (VU) expert in mathematical methods of mechanics and chemical physics, Professor Vasily Novozhilov, has published the first authoritative and comprehensive theoretical monograph on the subject of combustion of solid propellants.

The publication puts VU first in the world in this area. No comparable theoretical work has ever been published by another university that does research in this specialised field – Oxford, CalTech, Cambridge, Stanford, MIT, Princeton – or by any other university.

The area of research, which has been actively developing for more than 70 years since World War II, has a large variety of aerospace and defence applications.

In a research career spanning 35 years, Professor Novozhilov has become an internationally recognised expert in mathematics, fire-safety engineering, fire-modelling, fire-testing and consultancy.

He conducted pioneering studies in computational fluid dynamics modelling of compartment fire dynamics and suppression, large-scale fires and explosions. He has also made significant contributions to the development, as well as the theoretical and numerical investigation, of mathematical problems in fluid mechanics, heat transfer and combustion.

Professor Novozhilov has contributed more than 140 technical publications, delivered 15 invited and keynote lectures, and is the recipient of several international awards and honours. He received his PhD from the Moscow Aviation and Aerospace University.

The publication, Theory of Solid-Propellant Nonsteady Combustion, is published by Wiley.

Professor Vasily Novozhilov is a researcher in VU’s Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities.