VU Library display: Activism & Community Action

View our Special Collections display to gain insights into activism and community action for women.

As a valuable research resource, the Special Collections at Victoria University Library have strong threads of radical literature and political and social activism to inspire researchers and campaigners. Following VU’s participation in the 16 Days of Activism campaign, the Library has a new display of Special Collections.

Activism & Community Action on display

View the new display ‘Activism & Community Action in VU Special Collections’, located next to the Service Desk at Footscray Park Library. On display are items related to community action to support women, especially to raise awareness about violence against women and women’s struggle, as well as items representing other forms of activism.

Crow Collection

Items from the Crow Collection include:

PNG Collection

From the PNG Collection:

Timor-Leste & McLaren Collections

From the Timor-Leste Collection and McLaren Collection:

Radical Literature Collection

Other Special Collections displays

The cabinet near the lift displays more of our special collections:

A display cabinet close to IT kiosk explains the Special Collection donation-process, examining Professor Phillip Deery’s donation to the Radical Literature Collection.

Using Special Collections for your research

Researchers from Victoria University, other academic institutions, and the wider community are welcome to use material from the Special Collections at Victoria University.

Access the new Library Guide VU Special Collections: How to access and use to find out about the following topics:

  • How researchers have used the Special Collections for their particular projects, what material they have used and the interesting information they have found.
  • Ways to look at VU material through Library Search of the Library Catalogue, and refine an online search to Special Collections.
  • Using archival material in the VU Special Collections.

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