VU helping communities reduce family violence

From left: Katie Hall, Marsha Thomson, Natalie Hutchins, Tim Corney and Peter Dawkins

Victoria University will receive funding from the State Government to deliver an innovative project to prevent violence against women.

“We know we can stop violence before it starts by addressing the underlying factors that drive it,” said the Minister for Women and the Prevention of Family Violence, Natalie Hutchins MP.

“To end family violence for good, we need to not only invest in ideas that are proven to work, but also invest in new, evidence-informed approaches to primary prevention. This project will provide a cultural change example that can then be used to further action in university settings in Victoria and around Australia.”

Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Dawkins said: “We cannot prevent violence against women without confronting the attitudes, behaviours, structures and systems that drive it."

“The university sector can play a critical role in changing attitudes and behaviours to encourage a culture of respect and equality.”

The project led by Victoria University Associate Professor Tim Corney is supported by key stakeholders in the university residential sector including University Colleges Australia and the Asia Pacific Student Accommodation Association.

“The project will empower female students to experience equality and respect in their residential college relationships and empower all students in those settings to speak out against violence knowing they will be supported,” said Professor Dawkins.

The Minister also announced that Health West will engage young men from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds at Victoria University to develop and implement strategies to prevent violence against women in their local communities.

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