Professor Colin Clark (second from right) with participants at VBCI's Mid-Autumn Festival making mooncakes.
VBCI Director Professor Colin Clark (second from right) invited everyone to experience making mooncakes.

On September 8, the Victoria Business Confucius Institute at Victoria University held a successful hybrid event, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Confucius Institute Day.

The morning's offline event and an online workshop in the afternoon attracted nearly 100 students, staff, alumni, VBCI former students, VBCI advisory committee members and HSK candidates. They all enjoyed the event very much!

The VBCI team set up a booth at Student Lounge on Level 10 of the brand new City Tower and invited everyone to make and taste mooncakes. During the event, our Mandarin teachers introduced the culture of Mid-Autumn Festival and VBCI courses and programs.

 Participants in VBCI's Mid-Autumn Festival with their mooncakes

Nicholas Poulios, a VU alumnus, drove several hours from the regional Victoria to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. He joined the VBCI workshop in early 2020 to study Chinese as a beginner. Nicholas completed Basic Chinese 1 in the first half of this year and started Basic Chinese 2 this month.

Another old friend, Chadi Abi Rached, who enrolled in the VBCI’s Introductory Mandarin workshop during the pandemic, has been accelerated to Basic Chinese 3 class. Chadi's son came along to the event and was encouraged to practise Chinese as well.

The event attracted many new faces. Ms. Jittra Knox, a staff member of Victoria University Student Services and a member of the VBCI's 2018 Study Tour to China, enthusiastically invited several colleagues and students to join her for this offline celebration.

Presenters for the online workshop introduced the legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival, read poems and lines inspired by the moon and explained the unique meaning of the 'moon' in Chinese culture.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. Every year, VBCI organises a celebration and invites students, staff and the local community to experience Chinese culture.

This was the first in-person event to be held after two long years of lockdown. It was wonderful to enjoy the festivities with both old friends and new.