They say necessity breeds innovation and that has certainly been true during the COVID-19 lockdown period. One example is how the VU Business School overcame the reality that in-person internships were no longer possible.

Two of our Bachelor of Business (Marketing) students, Francesco Mazzacca and Chris Fenech, needed further internship hours to complete their placement at the Western Bulldogs. And so, the Virtual Consultancy Practice (VCP) was born. 

David Goodwin, Head of External and Industry Engagement, asked Francesco and Chris to consider some big issues, including making an assessment of the Bulldogs’ business model, what an 'emergence from hibernation' should look like, in a business sense, and what the Bulldogs can leverage to outperform competitors, off the field.

Francesco and Chris undertook extensive research and prepared a report that recommended marketing initiatives that the WBFC could implement in order to engage fans during this time of inactivity and beyond. The students have since come up with multiple short-, medium- and long-term goals to achieve this and have sent their findings and report to the WBFC.