Susan Alberti - "The Footy Lady"

Former Western Bulldogs CEO Campbell Rose with Susan Alberti and VC Peter Dawkins

Victoria University congratulates Dr Susan Alberti (AC) on the launch of her biography The Footy Lady by Stephanie Asher (Melbourne University Press).

Dr Alberti has a long and proud connection with Victoria University. In 2016, VU awarded an honorary doctorate to Dr Alberti for her outstanding philanthropic service and her advocacy for medical research, education and sport.

In The Footy Lady , author Stephanie Asher shares a remarkable life story about a working-class woman who “battled boardrooms, courts, lymphoma and adult diabetes – and was one of the driving forces behind the AFL’s move into women’s football.”

When her first husband died, Dr Alberti took over their construction business, and became a female pioneer in the building industry. When her daughter was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, she embarked on a mission to find a cure. When the Western Bulldogs were on the verge of collapse, she pitched in and helped the team bring home the 2016 premiership flag.

“On behalf of Victoria University, I would like to warmly congratulate Dr Alberti on the launch of her book, The Footy Lady. Dr Alberti has played a crucial role at VU, including establishing and contributing to the Achievement Scholarships, introduced in 2010. Dr Alberti is also a supporter of the Western Chances Scholarship program.

In her book, Dr Alberti shares her compelling life story. Many of her personal attributes - unwavering tenacity, commitment and ability to overcome significant issues – are traits we admire both in our students, and as we work together towards transforming VU into a truly 21st century place of learning. We wish her every success with The Footy Lady”.

 – Professor Peter Dawkins (AO) Vice-Chancellor and President.

In 2015 Chancellor George Pappas offered Dr Alberti the role of Chair of the VU Foundation.

“The impact on the people around her was immediate”, said Chancellor Pappas. In The Footy Lady, Chancellor Pappas applauds Dr Alberti’s leadership, and her many generous acts, not only in terms of philanthropy, but also her time.

The Footy Lady: The Trailblazing Story of Susan Alberti by Stephanie Asher, $29.99, Melbourne University Press.

Members of the VU community can receive a 20% discount off the purchase of The Footy Lady using the promo code ALBERTI20 until 31 December 2017.

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