Students celebrate with 85% pass rates thanks to VU’s First Year Model

First Year Model Business student Nathaniel Cabanit *

The results from the second block of study under VU’s First Year Model are in, with student pass rates at 85%.

These latest results, combined with a 90% pass rate for the first block of study, prove VU’s student-focused teaching model works. The failure rate has significantly dropped, despite the standards of testing remaining the same.

The Australian-first teaching model, which is exclusive to VU, has also improved student engagement, with greater class attendance and high levels of student satisfaction.

Psychology lecturer Kate Kelly says the students felt they were ‘part of something’, and with the small workshop-style classes leading to stronger bonds, their engagement was further increased.

“When students were stressed, it wasn’t me trying to calm them down. It was other students saying, ‘You’ve got this, take a deep breath.’ As a teacher I’ve never experienced that before.”

Under the First Year Model, VU students complete their course via block delivery: one unit at a time over four weeks as opposed to four units at once over a 16 week semester.

First year Bachelor of Business student Nathaniel Cabanit appreciates the focused learning mode and high level of engagement – and compares his own positive experience with his stressed-out friends at other unis.

“The teacher is making sure we’re engaged and ready to move on to the next unit. I just got a part-time job and I play basketball – which I wouldn’t be able to do if I was in the traditional uni model. My friends at other unis wish they had the kind of free time I do – some of them had to quit their jobs to focus on their studies.”

VU introduced the First Year Model to enhance the student experience and these results already show that it is paving the way for student success at university and beyond.

* Photo: Features artwork Marks I by Brook Andrew, a commissioned work for Footscray Community Arts Centre, created with extensive community involvement.

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