Shaun Micallef previews book at new VU site

Shaun Micallef was the first Rotunda in the West guest to appear at the new VU at MetroWest site, located in the heart of Footscray at 138 Nicholson Street.

In a broad ranging conversation with VU Professional Writing and Editing teacher Michelle Finke, the comedian, actor, author and former insurance lawyer offered glimpses into his real persona.

He revealed that his habit of writing began from a young age inspired by his love of Spike Milligan’s work. Such was his following that at age 13 he went to the Australian launch of Milligan's latest release and joined the queue for a signature. With no money to buy the book, he instead asked his hero to sign the script for the play he was currently rehearsing. Milligan happily obliged signing: “To Shaun, You cheap bastard, Spike Milligan.” The script remains a prized possession.

Micallef transformed into the performer we’re more familiar with when he read excerpts from his own latest release, The President’s Desk, in the voices of Alec Guinness, Lawrence Olivier and James Mason and sometimes a mix of all three.

The book, by his own description, is a blend of imagination with a little fact that traces the history of America’s presidents using the desk as the common link.

Rotunda in the West

VU at MetroWest is the new home of Rotunda in the West: Conversations with Creative Australians which in the past has featured such luminaries as Nicola Roxon, Father Bob Maguire, Raimond Gaita, Michael Leunig, Kerry Greenwood, John Marsden, Alice Pung, Hannie Rayson, William McInnes and Helen Garner.

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