School of Sport and Exercise Science is seeking volunteers for new study

Are you enthusiastic, healthy, and aged over 65?

Looking to get back into exercise?

Interested in free exercise training for 12 weeks?

We are looking for healthy older adults (aged 65 or older) to participate in a unique research project investigating the effects of ageing and training on the sodium-potassium pump in single skeletal muscle fibres.

Any older adult who is healthy is eligible for the study, you do not have to be physically active before entering the study.*

Participants will be asked into the brand new exercise physiology laboratory for supervised fitness testing measuring cardiovascular fitness & muscle strength. Participants will also receive a free body composition scan (DXA) to provide information on amount of lean muscle mass and fat mass. One testing session will also involve blood and muscle sampling.

After initial checks, participants will be given 12 weeks of free supervised training on a stationary bike in the exercise rehabilitation clinic at Victoria University. Every training program will be individualised for each participant in the study. Training will be three sessions per week and times are flexible depending on availability of the participants. 

This study has been approved by the Victoria University Ethics Committee. *Exclusion criteria may apply to people with certain medical conditions. 

Volunteers are no longer required for this study.

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