Research excellence and student equity - Mission possible?

Universities in Australia, and internationally, are under pressure to demonstrate research excellence, in order to compete in various rankings, be eligible for government funding, and attract high-flying students.

At the same time, policy efforts to widen participation in higher education also hold universities accountable for their achievements towards greater student equity.

In the first Controversies seminar for 2016, The Victoria Institute invites you to join us as we ask, 'Can universities do both?'

Event details

  • Thursday, 14 July 2016
  • Arrive at 6.45pm for 7.15pm start
  • VU City Convention Centre, Level 12, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, 3004
  • Light refreshments will be provided on arrival.

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Professor Caroline McMillen will speak to the University of Newcastle experience of balancing research excellence and student equity. Professor McMillen joined the University of Newcastle as Vice-Chancellor and President in October 2011.

She has dedicated almost 30 years to the higher education sector, holding leadership roles across research, innovation and teaching. Professor McMillen has stated: "The University of Newcastle since its foundation has valued equity and excellence absolutely equally". She will illustrate what that looks like at and how that works in practice - and discuss how policies help or hinder achieving this balance.

Following Professor McMillen's presentation, two discussants will provide a response:

  • Prof Peter Dawkins, Vice Chancellor and President, Victoria University (VU)
  • James Sorensen, a VU student who started in a Cert II and is now doing his PhD in Medical Pharmacophysiology

The event will conclude with an audience Q&A involving all three speakers.

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