Research Ambassadors are here to help

Research Ambassadors are here from 4-24 July to help research students build their research skills.

During the mid-year break, as you keep working on your thesis, you can seek help from the Research Ambassadors. Research Ambassadors at Victoria University provide peer-to-peer support to research students (including honours students) and research staff.

Services available

Research skills

As a current research student, you can seek help with building your research skills:

  • candidature preparation
  • writing support for literature review, research proposal and thesis chapters
  • data and file management
  • research design and methodology
  • mathematical modelling
  • IT troubleshooting
  • Library research databases.

Personal development and transition

If you are a new research student, you can always chat with a Research Ambassador for help with:

  • cultural transition: adapting to living in Australia
  • academic transition: adapting to life as a research student or staff and its associated challenges
  • campus transition: finding services and staff for appropriate support (referral service).

General help

Research Ambassadors are here to help you with:

  • a question that you may have but do not know who to ask; the Research Ambassador will find a contact and get back to you
  • ideas and questions you may have in relation to your candidature.

Contact a Research Ambassador

Contact the Research Ambassadors on campus from 11am to 2pm:

If you are off campus, you can contact the Research Ambassadors:

  • by phone at City Flinders Campus, +61 478 405 117, on Tuesday 4 July and Thursday 20 July
  • by phone at Footscray Park Campus, +61 478 405 113, on Friday 30 June, Thursday 13 July and Monday 24 July
  • via email at
  • on Skype (look for contact name 'vuseekra').

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