Recognising our generous alumni

Alumni donors play a key leadership role in the life of the University and we are excited to celebrate our most generous alumni with the launch of the Blue Diamond Society.

Alumni have been an integral part of the University's history and you can now help to shape and secure Victoria University's future. The Blue Diamond Society proudly acknowledges individual alumni who make a significant philanthropic investment in Victoria University's commitment to becoming a great University of the 21st Century.

To our current alumni donors, we wish to say thank you.

Your donations support a range of opportunities for students at VU and enable the University to respond to areas of immediate and greatest need. Your support ensures we can:

Each alumni who donates at least $1,000 annually is recognised as part of the Blue Diamond Society. This commitment can be made once annually or as a regular monthly donation of $85.

Blue Diamond alumni are recognised exclusively across the University, and receive priority opportunities to engage with key personnel and stakeholders of the University with invitations to exclusive networking events.

Find ways to give or donate.

For more information or to discuss your donation please email [email protected] or phone +61 9919 1331.

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