Victoria Business Confucius Institute just launched a new Mandarin learning program for all Victoria University students, staff & alumni. Throughout a free 6-week accelerated program, participants will be able to quickly achieve up to 50-70 basic Chinese vocabulary and daily conversation words, which would normally take 13 weeks.

The program is divided into two pathways:

  • Basic Chinese 1: Designed for beginners, and aimed at general Chinese language purpose. 6-7.30pm (every Monday and Wednesday)
  • Business Chinese 1: is aimed at Chinese language in business contexts; 6–7.30pm (every Tuesday and Thursday)

They are both non-award units, providing participants with a good opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese. The programs focus on developing communication skills and basic Chinese characters and sentence structures.

Cost: Free

Teaching schedule: 20 June-3 August 2022.

Delivery mode: Online via Zoom

Help us spread the words and learn Mandarin together this winter!


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