Review strongly commends processes that made block model a reality at VU

An independent interim assessment of Victoria University’s Australian-first block model further validates VU’s commitment to its new way to do uni.

VU’s Academic Board commissioned the review to assess the quality of the block model and ensure this revolutionary way of educating students one unit at a time in smaller classes is sustainable long into the future.

VU introduced the block model in 2018 to first-year students only, but due to its success with improving students’ experience, grades and retention, it is now offered to all VU students.

The Interim Review of the Block Model was produced by the highly respected academics Emeritus Professor Denise Chalmers (Chair), Dr Elizabeth Deane and Emeritus Professor Alfred Lizzio.

VU Academic Board Chair Associate Professor Tom Clark says the review advises the Academic Board to nurture and protect this transformative approach to learning and teaching that VU staff collectively adapted and developed, while validating VU’s belief that the block model is a world-leading way to educate.

“The review strongly commends the processes that developed the block and made it a reality at VU, especially the project-management approach that we began in 2017,” he says.

“It sets out reasons to be very confident that we can establish a global reputation for the VU Block Model, as well as for the First Year College that commenced it.”

The Review gave 21 formal commendations, and outlined 33 practical recommendations related to areas such as academic governance processes, infrastructure and technologies to ensure that students experience the highest quality education.

The Academic Board and its committees are now working actively with senior management to develop and implement the 33 recommendations.

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