High-tech hub opens at VU

Eighteen Government, Independent and Catholic secondary colleges in Wyndham will be the first to benefit from a new hi-tech hub at Victoria University's Werribee campus opening today.

The Wyndham Tech School will welcome thousands of students to experience the latest technology that will inspire the jobs of tomorrow as part of the State Government's $128 million Tech School initiative.

But it isn't just schools who will be able to experience the tech of today and tomorrow. Community groups and industry will also be welcomed outside school hours.

Wyndham Tech School Director Brenda Frisk brings international experience and an insatiable thirst for tech to the role.

"We are here to inspire the next generation of hi-tech employees and entrepreneurs," she says. "Students will be excited by the equipment in the school and naturally interact with it, so my first task next term will be to motivate the teachers at our partner schools.

"We will give them the tools to help their students grow and think, and to excite those teachers enough to get them to bring their students here and use our incredible facilities. Getting students in through the door will be the easy part."

The State Government's $128 million Tech School initiative will not only ensure that the latest tech is always available to students but also budget for providing the transport to and from the partner schools to participate.

"We want to make sure that using our hi-tech learning hubs is as easy and attractive as possible for all of our partner schools," says Ms Frisk.

"Wyndham is one of the fastest growing regions of Australia and tech will be one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy throughout the 21st Century.

"Being one of the most culturally diverse regions of Australia and tech speaks a universal language. It brings nations together and exciting innovations into our lives.

Ms Frisk is constantly researching, watching, listening and reading for the latest technology that will change the world.

"The Wyndham Tech School reflects the commitment by the State Government to build the Education State by producing an education system that brings excellence and reduces the impact of any possible disadvantage."

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